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Eva Doll To Ride

EVA Doll to Ride

A step by step to make an EVA doll with clothes molds, for the child to assemble. Ideal to distract while traveling.

There are times when children get bored and need something to entertain. How about a doll with your big wardrobe?


  • EVA skin color
  • EVA flaps of various colors
  • Paper contact with children's motif
  • Stamped EVA Sheet
  • Silk or vegetable paper
  • EVA sheet thickness 1cm
  • Nail scissors
  • Small magnets
  • Shirt box
  • Paints in relief
  • Colorful pens
  • Colorful elastic
  • hot glue
  • Cola for EVA
  • Ruler
  • Stylus
  • Pencil 6B
  • Scissors

How to Make a Doll

Download and print out the risks of dolls and clothes.

They are already in the right size. If you want to increase or decrease, keep the ratio.

Download Templates

Click here to download the download files to your computer (PDF)

eva doll

Instead of cutting out the drawings, copy on tissue or vegetable paper with 6B pencils. Try not to copy them too close together.

Turn the sheet with the doll's drawing on the skin-colored EVA and rub the scratch with the finger, taking care not to tear the paper.

eva doll

Cut the EVA around the drawing with ordinary scissors; then use the nail scissors to trim the curves of the body.

So that the EVA does not get burrs, keep the scissors always open and roll the EVA in the hand, while trimming.

Use the same process for the clothes and hair.

eva doll

Make the doll's face and the details of the clothes with hydro-pens.

eva doll

Some details, like the belt of the pants, are better gluing pieces of EVA.

Others, like the laces of the sneakers and the collar of the dress, become more delicate when done with glue in relief.

Call the child (ren) who will play with the doll: we are sure she will love doing the finishing!

Important: For gluing such small parts, use EVA glue, or even an instant Super Bonder type adhesive. Hot glue tends to produce unwanted volumes, beyond, of course, the risk of burning fingers.

eva doll

Stick behind the doll the magnets, in the dots shown in the photo.

Glue a magnet behind each hair and piece of clothing so that it stays on the body of the doll.

eva doll

Now the children can make the combinations of clothes they want, for winter, half-season...

eva doll

... or summer. Tip: The dress of this photo can be turned into a tank top if it is shortened.

And the other dress (the pink one), cut in half, becomes a set of skirt and blouse.

The Box to Organize the Doll

eva doll

It is necessary to arrange a special place to store the doll and its clothes, so that the pieces do not get lost - and, of breaking, so it also teaches its children to be organized.

Place the carton over the thick EVA, scratch and cut carefully. Do the same with the cap.

eva doll

Line the box with a colored paper, or even contact (it has the advantages of being waterproof and does not blister with the glue, like most gift papers).

eva doll

Attach the EVA pieces to the lid and carton.

Cut out two pockets in the EVA stamped and glue on the EVA piece of the carton.

So that the pieces can fit in the pocket, the secret is to squeeze it slightly from the sides while sticking.

The larger pocket will fit the clothes and the round bottom for shoes, hats and other small accessories.

Glue two hot elastic pieces of glue, with EVA on the lid, to hang the hair. The two magnets mark the place to store the doll.

eva doll

On the internet, you can find more models of clothes, in addition to the ones shown here. And surely your children will enjoy creating their own outfits.

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