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Halloween Candle Holder

Halloween Candle Holder

Want to give a special party to your friends but the money is short? With imagination and creativity, you can make an impressive decoration that will not hurt in your pocket. Follow our step by step to make a chilling candle holder.


  • Small cup
  • Flat boring brush Tiger 12/483
  • Round Tiger Brush No. 8/142
  • Candles for rechaud
  • Pins
  • Acrylics Fosco Varnish
  • Transparent Contact Paper
  • Small Scissors
  • Carbon paper
  • Pencil

Halloween Candle Holder: Getting Started


Before doing anything, wash the glass thoroughly.

After dry, pass alcohol with a clean cloth in order to take out all the dust and grease.

Print the risks.. Click on the picture below:

molds for dowload - candle holder

feast day

We could put the drawings inside the glass and simply paint the varnish according to them.

However, there would always be a risk that the varnish will drain where it should not, or the silhouettes may not be accurate, etc.

So let's use some little tricks.

With carbon paper, transfer the drawings to the wrong side of the contact paper.

The smaller figurines - lollipop, bullet, star, moon, broom - must be repeated several times.

Cutting and Bonding the Figures


Carefully cut out each of the silhouettes.

The ideal is a very sharp school scissors, or a nail scissors, because of the curved blades.

Do not leak the silhouettes inside; we will take care of the internal details later.


It is not easy to separate the adhesive from the cut paper with your fingers only.

Using a pin or needle, scratch the paper until it tears.

From the tear, remove pieces of paper until the adhesive is clean (indicated by the arrow).

It does not matter if the adhesive is scratched, but be careful not to stick it.


Apply the stickers to the glass, smoothing well to avoid bubbles.

As the adhesive is colorless, we darken it a bit, digitally, so you can see better.

Start with the larger figures (witch, cat, pumpkin), well separated from each other.

Put some more on top, some more below.

After you have placed all the larger figures, spread the small figurines - moons, brooms, sweets and stars - like a picture.

But do not put too much and try to leave enough space between the figures.

Applying the Frosted Varnish

If the glass is again greasy due to contact with the fingers, pass the alcohol again. Take care not to loosen the stickers or leave lint from the cloth on the glass.

Shake the frosted lacquer container well before application, as the components responsible for the effect tend to go down to the bottom.


Apply the varnish throughout the glass and allow to dry for at least one hour, in an airy environment and free of dust.

Note: it will be necessary to clean the brush with a solvent, such as izarrás.


Once completely dry, remove the stickers.

The glass will be covered with a fine matte layer, except where the silhouettes were.

Halloween Candle Holder Finish


With the finest brush, brush the eyes, mouth and other details of the witch, pumpkin and ghost.

halloween party

To light, use candles in the form of tablets (also called candles for rechaud), with or without metal support.

They are easily found in bazaars and exoteric stores.

As it is for Halloween, give preference to dark colors.

See how beautiful it is!

halloween party

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