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Spice Rack - 86 Wonderful Ideas In Decoration + Diy!

The time of cooking involves preparation and choice of ingredients, as is the case of choosing the seasonings that will be used in each food. However, if you do not have a spice rack and everything gets messy, the cooking process can be a bit more laborious.

And if you've already set a goal to set the tempering and make the process easier, today we've brought you tips on how to organize the kitchen with different models of spice holders, and teach you how to make the item simple and easy step by step; so no more excuses for not leaving the kitchen organized.



  • 1 Spice Rack Photos and Models
    • 1.1 Magnetic Spice Rack
    • 1.2 Turntable Spice Rack
    • 1.3 With Tube
    • 1.4 Glass Spice Racks
    • 1.5 Of Bamboo
    • 1.6 Stainless Steel Spice Rack
    • 1.7 Wood Spice Rack
    • 1.8 On MDF
    • 1.9 Spice Racks
      • 1.9.1 From Pallet
      • 1.9.2 Shelves / Niches
      • 1.9.3 From Slate Wall
    • 1.10 Spice Racks Built-In
  • 2 How to Make Spice Racks: Step by Step

Spice Rack Photos and Models

Spice Rack Magnetic

magnetic model

A high-end condiment version can be creative and modern, it's the magnet model, where the magnetized pots can be attached to a metal surface, as in this idea.

In inspiration, the idea was to use stainless steel pots with the names of condiments and with a magnetized bottom, and so were arranged on a metal surface.

door condiments in the refrigerator

Another version to organize the seasonings and the kitchen in a practical way, is to use the pots with a magnetized bottom on the side or even the refrigerator door.

The idea here brings the stainless steel pots on the side of the refrigerator, which is practical for day-to-day use.

simple and creative template

At the idea, the wall was painted with magnetic slate paint

original model

The refrigerator door was used as a surface to dispose the condiment pots

magnetized glass pot

At the idea, the hexagonal pots have magenta lids

magnet templates

Spice Racks

rotary wooden model

For those looking for functional and practical models for day to day, one of the options is the rotating model, which allows to find the condiments with greater ease.

One of the inspirations for the rotating model is this wooden version with glass pots, where the covers are fixed on the wood, the item rotates completely, which allows to easily find the desired seasoning.

modern stainless steel model

For those who like a more modern touch in the kitchen decoration, you can be inspired by a rotating model of stainless steel, like this version.

The rotating model features a stainless steel tower with support for the condiments, which are made of glass and with a stainless steel lid.

rotating rustic model

The wooden model is rustic

big model

The wooden model is composed of several turntables

rotating glass model

The model has glass pots

simple rotating model

The model has rotating wooden plate

rotating models

With Tube

rosé gold condiment holder

Tubes are not restricted to birthday party ideas, but can also be used as a condiment, like the idea of ​​a modern spice rack.

The model features a rosé-gold basket as the base for the seasoning tubes, which also have rosé-gold caps.

And so the door spices can be used on the countertop as part of the kitchen decor.

tube model

Among the versions of spice containers using tubes, one of the models is this wood-based option for positioning the spice tubes.

The wooden model is L-shaped, and features perforations that allow each tube to be placed horizontally.

wall template with casters

The tubes can be placed on the shelf in the wall

pewter with casters

The wooden shelves on the wall allow you to fit the

tinted model with casters

The tubes were given a piece of magnet at the tip to form a magnetized model

ideas with tubes

Glass Spice Racks

model with glass pot

For those who want to keep the kitchen organized and make a glass container, you can use glass jars to store the seasonings, as this idea shows.

In the inspiration, the pots had the covers painted with slate paint, so each lid was named for the seasoning corresponding to its pot.

simple glass model

Another version in glass and easy to reproduce at home, is this model of spice rack with glass jars.

The model features a round wooden board, which acts as the base for the glass bottles, which pack the condiments.

glass model

Glass pots have been labeled with the names of condiments

model with reused pots

Reused pots had painted lids

model with glass bottle

The glass stoppers with stopper were used as a seasoning door

glass models

Of Bamboo

simple bamboo model

As a version of bamboo-based condiments, one of the inspirations is this model that resembles a ladder to support the condiment pots.

The ladder-style model keeps the pots at different heights, which makes all temperings visible and easy to find.

Another advantage of this model in bamboo is the fact that it is extensible, which allows to adapt the size of the holder according to the amount of seasoning pots.

swivel bamboo model

One of the variations of models is this version of rotating spice holder made of bamboo and glass pots.

The design of the bamboo piece brings a stand to the pots that are placed sloping one over the other, taking up less bench space, in addition to keeping all the seasonings visible.

bamboo holder

The simple model has different heights

extensible model

The model resembles a staircase

ceramic model

The model is a bamboo tray with ceramic pots

Stainless Steel Spice Rack

simple stainless steel model

Stainless steel models are often used as they are easy to find and complement the kitchen décor.

As inspiration for a simple stainless steel spice rack, this version comes with a kit with basket and 6 pots for condiments.

The pots are in stainless steel and have a transparent display on the front, which allows you to see which seasoning is inside the pot, and also keep track of the amount still available.

hang model

Another quite functional version for day-to-day use is this model with hooks, which can be hung on the cabinet door or even on a stainless steel bar on the kitchen wall.

The model features the stainless steel rack to hang, as well as glass jars, which are clean and functional on a daily basis.

kit with pots

The simple model has support and stainless steel pots

swivel stainless steel model

The model is a revolving version

stainless steel dish rack

The model is to hang on stainless bar

stainless steel models

Wood Spice Rack

bench model

Amongst the varied models and styles for spice holders, one of the ideas is to use a wooden model, which is sturdy and practical for day to day use.

A wood version that is quite functional and can be used on a bench as a decorative part, it is this model that brings the item with small lozenges, where the jars of condiments can be lying down and easy to find.

wooden shelf

Another inspiration for the wooden model is this wall version, which features a rustic wooden wall shelf model.

The rack model brings shelves to the jars of condiments, and small drawers, which help keep the kitchen organized.

model with demolition wood

The model features a panel with rustic woods

wooden condiment door

The wooden model is a wall version

vintage template

The wood model reused a vintage soda box

rustic model

The wooden model has a rustic style


handicraft with MDF

There are many ideas to make a spice rack for the organization of condiments, and a good inspiration is the MDF model, such as this idea of ​​a handcrafted item where the niche of casinho was painted and decorated as a condiment.

In the proposal, the niche with shelves was used to organize the condiments, and still functions as a decorative element of the kitchen.

MDF shelf

A practical and simple idea to do is to use MDF channels that are intended as frame holders.

The idea of ​​using frame channels is very functional, as they serve as shelves for the condiment pots, and have a protection in the front, preventing the pots from falling off the shelf.

decorated MDF model

The MDF carrier was painted and decorated

MDF model

The wall model is white MDF

Wall Spice Rack

De Pallet

DIY with pallet

For those looking for simple and easy DIY ideas to make spice holders, you can bet on the idea of ​​reusing old pallets to organize the seasonings.

The idea here was to use the cut pallet and the base of the material served as a support for the jars of condiments, so the rustic style of the material was kept to make the jars.

pallet niche

Another idea to use pallets in the decoration and organization of the kitchen, is this proposal that brings the wooden base as a niche to the wall.

The pallet was maintained with its rustic look and the bottom of the material brings species of shelves, which act as shelves to distribute the condiment pots.

pallet shelf

The pallet has been fixed to the wall and helps in the organization of the space.

how to reuse pallets

In addition to the condiments, the pallet on the wall also has room for olive oil and vinegar

ideas with pallets

Shelves / Niches

kitchen glass shelf

To take advantage of the vertical space and keep the kitchen organized, a good tip is to make a door-wall spices with shelves, as you show that idea.

In inspiration, the shelves were made of glass and bring the idea of ​​a clean and organized kitchen, since the pots used for condiments are also in glass.

kitchen niche

The spice rack can also be a niche type with shelves, as in this idea the model is an MDF niche with shelves for the jars of condiments.

The white niche brings shelves with protection in the front, preventing the pots from falling from the door-wall spices.

simple wall model

Shelves were made with frames for frames

simple shelf

The shelf has a bar in the front that prevents the pots from falling

wooden shelf model

On the wall, wooden shelves with glass pots

Lousa Wallpapers

door spices with wall board

There are many creative ways to arrange the seasonings, and one of the ideas is to make a wall slate to aid in the organization of the kitchen.

In this idea, a corner of the wall was painted like a blackboard and gained wooden shelves for the organization of the pots of seasonings.

In the proposal, the wall slab was used to put the names of the spices, so each name is above the pot and written on the blackboard.

wall slate in the kitchen

Another creative and simple idea for making the slate style wall template is this simple and functional idea to make condiments exposed and easily accessible.

In inspiration, the wall was painted in blackboard style and has black shelves attached to the surface.

The shelves serve as a base to lay out the jars of condiments, while the wall slate was decorated forming a kind of frame around the shelves.

wall mounted magnetic board

The wall slate has the names of the condiments written on the surface

creative and cheap model

The names of the condiments were written on the blackboard

wall slate in decoration

In addition to condiments, the wall board still has fresh spices

slate wall template

The stainless steel pots were placed on the wall slate

Spice Racks

planned closet

For those who are considering making a spice rack that maintains the organization of kitchen cabinets, a good inspiration is to make a built-in model like this planned cabinet version.

In the proposal, the idea for the planned cabinet was to include a sliding door and file cabinets to store seasoning pots.

spice drawer

Another idea to organize the kitchen with a built-in spice rack is to separate a drawer near the stove to store the seasoning jars.

In the design, the drawer was designed exactly for this function, and features a wooden base that keeps the pots slightly sloped and easy to find while preparing the food.

built-in model

The built-in model is below the air locker

planned kitchen cabinet

The model has two rows for the organization of seasonings

custom cabinet

The built-in model is a narrow door

How to Make Spice Racks: Step by Step

Once you see incredible models of spice holders, it's time to learn how to do step-by-step, so you can make the organizer in a DIY easy and simple.

how to make door spice with tube

  1. Separate the required materials - Tubes with screw caps, screws, wood board, tools;
  2. Position the covers of the organized tubes on the wooden board in the desired way;
  3. Drill each plug in the center so that it passes the screw;
  4. Screw the cap onto the wooden plank;
  5. Screw all covers on to the board;
  6. Attach the board to the wall, like a shelf;
  7. Then just fill the tubes with the seasonings and thread each tube into a lid, making the seasonings exposed and easy to find.

DIY door magnetic seasoning

  1. Buy metallic pots for seasonings and place the pot on a magnetized adhesive sheet by drawing the bottom of the pot;
  2. Cut out the design of the pot of the magnetized leaf;
  3. Remove the paper from the adhesive part and glue to the bottom of each pot;
  4. Make an adhesive label and glue on the lid of the pot;
  5. Write the name of each seasoning on the label to identify it;
  6. Finally, just place the pots with a magnet on a metal surface, such as a refrigerator, to mount a magnetic rack.

What is your favorite model? Tell us in the comments which model you would love to have in your kitchen.

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