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Lower Bed: Advantages, Models And More Than 30 Photos!

Low bed is an Asian trend that has grown a lot over time, especially in the DIY concept (do it yourself), for small places or as an innovation in the environment. The highlight ensures a great look at the room and rooms, whether rustic, modern or classic. Want to know more? Followers


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  • 2 Low Bed Models
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    • 2.2 Rustic
    • 2.3 Of pallets

minimalist low bed style

Low bed + minimalist decor: great concept!

The low-bed concept has been used for centuries in countries like Japan, with the belief that sleeping near the ground ensures that the earth absorbs daily weight and renews energy for a more peaceful sleep. From there, it began to be used more and more in the west, to give a new touch to the room.

Architects and specialists have modernized this style to give a casual and light tone, so it is much sought after by young people and people who live alone. It is economical, does not take up much space and can still be customized by the individual, especially in terms of height, length, width (measures in general), as well as design.

It is common to find this type in many stores today, with wood types being the most traditional, although there are several modern alternatives to the user's taste, with or without headboard (look great with the horizontal type) and other materials. There are classic and funky models, varying in mattress, decoration, among other factors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a low bed:

  • Optimized space in the room, easy to handle and suitable for any corner;
  • There are several possibilities to customize and customize a low bed - you can do even with pallets, your taste, and with various colors;
  • Ideal for those who live alone and do not have much space at home;
  • It is economical, much cheaper than the conventional version;
  • A light, informal, clean model, great for renewing the environment;
  • Indicated for those who have difficulty in mobility and does not adapt to very high beds;
  • You can choose different types of mattresses to compose your low bed due to the unique structure of this furniture.

low bed concept

An ideal room with everything balanced and inspiring decor!

Disadvantages of a low bed:

  • Some models are not as sturdy as the high beds;
  • It can be bad to clean and a bit uncomfortable depending on the mattress;
  • Pallet models have low durability;
  • By staying closer to the floor, the low bed is more prone to dirt and a full plate for small critters.

Low Bed Models

Three basic low bed models are up, chosen according to the user's taste and the decoration of the environment (besides the space available). Check out some interesting alternatives!


Modern low beds allow for many possibilities and a range of materials. It can range from a classic type to a cool, luxurious, or customized.

low bed 1

Gorgeous wooden model crafted to match the sober decor

low bed design

It's a good idea to use a rug to lay the bed low.

upholstered low bed

Black is a great color, even more in upholstered models

low bed example

In black wood it stands out, even more in combination with white

luxury bed

This type is a bit higher, with its own headboard and mattress, very modern and interesting

modern low bed ideas

Ideal for apartments, it gives an alternative touch to the environment

modern low bed

Some types mimic a sofa well, suitable for homes with few rooms

platform low bed

Low bed is not room exclusivity, it serves the room too!

low bed types

For a rustic or sustainable decoration

low bed

A modern all-upholstered model! What about?


Rustic types of low bed contribute a lot to change the look of the environment, giving a traditional and chic touch, besides the versatility to match with many items and details of the decor.

bed low bedside

Rustic beds usually have bedside with the same texture

rustic low bed

The style can be from more outstanding to more clean and minimalist

Rustic low bed as is

Model with worked wood

rustic low bed

In combination with hardwood floors, great!

low bed type rustic idea

See how cool this concept is, complement the wooden wall!

rustic low bed

There are more understated types of rustic low bed too!

low bed

Near the window, very interesting, is not it?

rustic and modern bed

Simple, beautiful and rustic!

rustic bed models

You can dare at the headboards also to give more prominence to the bed

low bed types

The mattress varies a lot according to the user's taste

From pallets

They are the classic of DIY (do it yourself). Pallets are popular and serve for a lot of things, not for nothing that are considered by experts a key item in the decoration. It gives to mount a lovely base bed and according to your personality!

low bed with drawers

How about working the pallets well and putting up drawers?

pallet low bed

For those who live alone and do not want to have so much work, this idea is great!

low bed white pallet

One of the advantages is that you can paint in various colors!

low bed women pallets

A bold and green model, great for a girly room

low bed

Pallets are also great for creating a rustic look

bed with pallet

You can innovate and make up a kind of sofa! See what a cool concept!

pallet bed

Painting in black will not even look like a pallet!

bed made of pallet

Depending on the concept, the pallet even serves as a kind of dresser

how to make low pallet bed

Another interesting model of low pallet bed with drawers

pallet bed

Using complementary woods, you make and assemble your own bedding spending little and with a lot of creativity!

The low bed can make all the difference in your room, an option to renovate and transform the environment. In addition, it is an economical and innovative alternative, using all its creativity in several models. Worth a bet!

Do you have any questions, suggestions or criticism? Leave a comment in the post! To read other articles on Home, Construction and Decoration, continue browsing the site! Good luck and see you! (I.e.

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