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Bathrooms With Bathtubs: 50 Photos And Designs!

Have one bathroom with bathtub is already part of the reality of many people, but if this is still your dream, you need to think about a design and decoration that is nice for the environment. And to lend a hand, the post is packed with tips that fit all pockets and tastes.


  • 1 Models
    • 1.1 Small bathroom with bathtub
    • 1.2 Luxury bathroom with bathtub
  • 2 Coating Tips and Decorations
    • 2.1 Tablets
    • 2.2 Mosaic of stones
    • 2.3 Washers
    • 2.4 Winter Garden
  • 3 Inspirations and photos of bathrooms with bathtub


Small bathroom with bathtub

bathroom with niche

On the countertop, the white orchid decorates

When the subject is small bathroom, there is no rule that there can be no bathtub. If this is your wish, nothing can stop it, except the size of the environment. So, before you leave for a huge hydro, it is good to measure the space of the environment and consider putting the feature against a wall to gain more space.

small bathroom

If the size of the environment is really too small, bet on this idea of ​​doing a bath + shower together. So you do not need to create two bath areas and you can have the dream item.

mirror wall

Glass shelves decorate the environment

Analyzing the size of the environment is the main point, and this project shows that even with a small area it is possible to have a double shower cubicle and a separate bathtub. For this, the solution was:

  • Leave the showers in the background;
  • Countertop on a wall;
  • Bathtub on the wall opposite the bench;

And consequently create a central corridor for access to all areas. Oh, not to mention that the mirror wall trick helps to enlarge the space.

More pictures

wall pastilles

white bathroom

Candles decorate the environment

bathroom decoration

Luxury bathroom with bathtub

black and white decoration

The double bed is ideal for a couple

The combination of black and white (B & W) in the decor is classic, and looks great for a more sophisticated environment like this bathroom. The light marble flooring around the bath area further enhances the relaxing space.

stainless steel insert

An trend of architectural projects is to include the bathroom to the bedroom, avoiding the walls and turning the space into a wider area. And this idea was reproduced in this room that has the bath areas protected by glass and noble finishes, like marble and stainless tablet.

modern bathroom

Green wall with ferns decorate the environment

With modern design, the luxury bathroom brings together current elements such as:

  1. Wall cladding;
  2. Double bed;
  3. Wooden base for the bath area;
  4. Bathtub with straight and contemporary lines.

ceiling glass

How about this bathroom? The clean result is guaranteed by the predominance of white and wood details, and in addition to following the luxury line in finishes and style, another gorgeous and incredible detail is the glass in the ceiling that allows the view of the sky. Impossible not to relax in the bath, right ?!

More pictures

bathroom with dressing table

The acrylic chair is trend

wood floor

modern bathtub

Coating Tips and Decorations


ceramic wafer

The built-in niche optimizes space and trend

The tablet coating is classic and ideal for wet and wet areas. And here, the bet was to use the ceramic model to coat the sides of the bath area and walls, including creating a niche for the bathroom.

lozenges on the floor

With a more discreet and clean result, the environment bet on the tablets not only as replacements for the tiles, but also as an alternative to the floor. The result is great, and the small parts value the most restricted space and small area.

bubble bath

The purple door closet follows the retro style

If you like more daring and stylish projects, abuse this idea. Instead of buying the tub ready for installation, it's worth building your own plunge area. Of course this type of project requires good manpower to make the necessary installations, but the result is unique and you can still opt for the size and size appropriate to your bathroom.

More pictures

glass bathtub

large bathroom

Pills lining the box area

decoration with tablets

Mosaic of stones

Rock wall

Mirrored vases decorate countertop

At decorative stones are a charm and there is no doubt about it, and this feature is still a great option to go against the traditional coatings and bring to the bath environment a space that is relaxing and with a little SPA. And it was precisely with this idea that the wall gained a mosaic in light tones and that gave even more charm to the room with modern design and pieces.

modern chandelier

Again the pebbles together appear on the wall as a decorative form; and although less used, the result is super attractive. The tip for this type of flooring is to keep the stones on only one wall so do not leave the rest of the bathroom with a heavily loaded decor.

white and brown decoration

The round hydromassage combines with the environment

In the environment, the predominance of white is evident, but to break a bit of the neutral tone, the wall of stones in brown color appears to decorate the bath area.

More pictures

little rock

rustic bathroom


brown decoration

The fireplace leaves the cozy ambiance

The decoration is all made up of the brown cardboard and brings to the integrated environments (bathroom and bedroom) cosiness. To ensure this relaxing feeling, the fireplace occupies a wall between the two spaces and the wall illumination gives light without leaving the environment too light.

imitation wood floor

Backed tables decorate the shelf

Once again the earthy tones are used in the decor and manage to convey comfort to the bath area. Balancing brightness is an important point to maintain this harmony, and in addition to investing in indirect lights, it is worth inspiring the idea of ​​using washers on the wall to create a nice and visually beautiful effect.

burnt cement

This bathroom is a mix of taste and style and expresses it in every detail:

  • Wooden flooring in the bathtub area;
  • Floor and bench of burnt cement;
  • Flower pot on the window with plants that fall and decorate the wall;
  • Colorful stool;
  • Washers arranged randomly between the corners of the wall.

wall coating

In the corner, the plant pot is decorative

If the intention is to create a classic Zen environment, draw inspiration from this project. The wall covering and light colors create a relaxing space, and the traditional dome lamps create a softer point of light.

blue decoration

Impossible not to fall in love with this environment with decoration and colonial style. The wall of Portuguese tiles dictates the combination of blue and white for the rest of the room and the bathroom with curved lines is delicate and brings feminine touch to space.

More pictures

stone wall

The mirror with frame matches the colors of the environment

marble wall

white tablet

Decorative lanterns grace the space

bathroom with TV

Winter Garden

brown marble

The glass ceiling is modern

To make the bathroom even more relaxing, nothing better than inserting a little green into the decor and betting on an indoor winter garden like this environment that has plants to decorate around the bathroom and glass ceiling to receive light in this space.

Rock wall

If you follow the line with greener, you can be inspired grand idea that has a larger garden separated only by a glass door, which can be opened to join the spaces.

green wall

The floor tank has a modern design

For a small bathroom, an alternative is to invest in the green wall and bet on the vertical space to insert plants.

More pictures

wooden bathroom floor

winter Garden

Silver vases decorate the workbench

corner bath

wall washer

On the bench, support tank

toilets with plants

Inspirations and photos of bathrooms with bathtub

We've given you several ideas to have a relaxing space at home, but if you still want more inspiration, let's go to another selection of photos!

Wood wall

sophisticated bathroom

The mirror with gold frame is sophisticated

bathroom curtain

mirrored mobile

The cabinet with mirrored drawers expands the ambience

3D wall coating 3D

glass wall

The stone wall gives rustic features to decor

marble countertop

roller blind

chic bathroom

Liked the ideas of bathroom with bathtub? Now just follow the suggestions and have a relaxing space at home.

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