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Facebook - How To Put Cover Photo

Facebook - how to put cover photo

The Facebook cover photo, used in both user profiles and pages, is the element that has a better chance of catching the attention of a new fan.

With a generous size of 849 × 312 pixels actually published, we can send great photos and Facebook itself will make the most difficult adjustments.

However, nothing prevents us from selecting in a large photo, which area will be displayed.

How to insert the cover photo on Facebook

To add a new photo, on the newly created page, click the "Add a cover" button and then select the image source.
It can be some existing image or send a new one.
Assuming you are uploading a new image, choose "Upload photo...", browse the folders on your computer, select the photo and send it.

The image will load automatically and we can drag it to reposition it in the most convenient way.

The image below shows the page with the thumbnail and cover image.
We can add an unlimited number of images and updates as well as schedule events and update information whenever we wish.

facebook cover photo

Integrate Facebook with Twitter

Something interesting to do is integrate the page with a Twitter account.

This way, whenever we post something on Facebook, an automatic posting will be made on Twitter, simplifying administration.

Understand Facebook Statistics

When logged in, if we access the page, we will see administrative options, including statistical information about visitors' accesses and fans.

To see this information, click on the "View all" link in the image.

On the statistics page, we see very interesting information.
For example: "Friends of fans" is the total number of friends of people who liked this page in the last week.

facebook statistics

"People talking about it" refers to users who interacted with the page anyway.

"Weekly total reach" is the total number of people who viewed some page content in the last week.

We can still access more information by clicking the links at the top.
They are: "Overview," "Like," "Reach," and "Talking about it."

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