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Fancy Carnival Costume For Girl: Ladybug...

Fancy Carnival Costume for Girl: Ladybug...

In a previous article we gave the hint of how to take advantage of a knitted T-shirt stored at home and make a little monster costume.

Now, let's teach you how to make a graceful ladybug...

improvised carnival costume

And even if your daughter does not like ladybugs, using the same techniques you can create other cheap costumes, as we'll see at the end of the article.


  • 1 red shirt size adult
  • Bowl or round pot
  • Black plastic spiral for notebooks
  • 2 small styrofoam balls (or beads)
  • School quenching
  • Hot glue pistol
  • Piece of black ribbon or tissue strip
  • Red satin ribbon (optional)
  • Barbecue stick
  • Cola for EVA
  • Black eva
  • Black tiara
  • Curved scissors
  • Scissors for fabric

Way of doing

Choose preferably an adult T-shirt or one that looks great on the child, because for the fantasy to be graceful it should cover the body well.

In addition, this also helps against heat because loose clothing allows air to circulate around the body.


If you want to make the costume cooler, cut the sleeves 1cm above the seam, leaving a small one.

Turn the leftover cut sleeve down and tack, then sewing to the machine.

Please note that removing sleeves is optional.


Do the same in the hem if the shirt is too long for the child.


Use the bowl as a template to scratch several circles on the black EVA. Try not to choose a very large object: the bowl of the photo, for example, is 10 cm in diameter.

Note: preferably use barbecue toothpicks instead of pencils, lightly scoring the EVA.


Cut carefully: the best is a fingernail scissors, because of the curved ends.


Thread a string of glue into each disc about 1cm away from the edge, and glue them over the shirt.

Let dry and glue several discs off the sides of the shirt.

Here we distribute the black circles symmetrically, but the ladybugs have their spots distributed unevenly.

Do according to your preference.


The costume is practically ready, but... what is a ladybug without the antennas?

Paint two Styrofoam polka dots with black temper and key on the end of two pieces of notebook spirals - preferably those of plastic, used in polygraphs.

If you only have aluminum spirals, bend them and cover the ends well so as not to injure the child.

Note: as the idea is to take advantage of what we have at home, you can also paste beads painted black instead of Styrofoam balls.
Or, if you have black wool scraps, replace the antenna balls with pompons: it will be very funny.


Take two pieces of black ribbon and pierce the other ends of the spirals.

Place drips of hot glue on the tip of the spiral and underneath the ribbon to secure the antenna.


Immediately place the ribbon on the tiara and press well until you are sure the glue has hardened.

Do not try to glue the spirals directly onto the tiara: besides the finish gets very ugly, they will fall apart easily.

The costume is ready.

If it gets a little too wide on the child's body (also let's not overdo it, right?), You can adjust it with a belt, made with a simple satin ribbon. It looks beautiful.


Fantasy ladybug

See below for other variations of the same technique.

Other costumes with knitted t-shirts

1 - Dalmatian Fantasy:


Cutting off the black cardboard in the form of blotches and gluing over a white T-shirt, you have a Dalmatian-or Dutch-cow costume if you cut out big spots.

The ears or horns can be made with cardboard or EVA debris and glued to the tiara, instead of the antennas (we recommend painting the white tiara).

2 -Chapolim Colorado

fantasy chapolin

Simply paint the tiara and the polka dots from the red antennae and replace the black cardboard discs with a yellow heart with a "CH" poured in the middle (use ruler and stylus).

Video Editorial: DIY Homemade costume Ladybug - Ecobrisa DIY