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Find Out Which Are The Species That Bring Good Luck To 2019!

2016 is almost over and 2017 is already knocking on the door full of new opportunities and knowledge. To start the year with everything, check out some species that help to beautify your home and still bring good energies!

AZALEA - From a color that makes any place more beautiful and light, the azalea brings peace, tranquility and serenity to the environment. It is considered a great gift at the end of the year for attracting good energies to the lives of those who win and those who give.
BAMBOO OF LUCK - As its name says, this plant attracts health, well-being and luck to the environment, besides being incredible in the decoration of the living room, bedroom and even the bathroom!

BROMÉLIA - Some say that it helps in the professional life and the luck of the house, so a bromeliad is a great flower to have. In addition, it offers several combinations of colors and styles that certainly match your home!

CAMELLES - Of an unequaled color, its overlapping petals seem to have been made by the hand of so delicate. They say that it is a great plant to have in times of financial difficulty and fragile health, as it helps to bring balance and serenity.

HORTENSE - If in 2017 you want to attract prosperity, the hydrangea is a great plant to decorate your home, because in addition to elegance and delicacy, it attracts positive energies.

JASMINE - Its white petals with yellow carry the environment with a load of disposition, joviality and relaxation, besides making your home much more beautiful!
Now just leave your house all flowery and away from the negativity to have an unforgettable 2017!