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Satin Flower - 50 Beautiful Inspirations & Easy Tutorial To Do!

The satin flower has a delicate beauty and is therefore used in the most varied types of pieces. It is common to see this type of flower in tiaras for children, hair elastics and brooches. In spite of this you can also decorate handbags, pieces of clothing and even decorations for the house.

In this post we will show you 50 beautiful models of satin flower and we will also teach you how to make a step by step super easy. With our step by step you can adapt several models of satin flower and go out doing good things out. How to learn and check the inspirations?


  • 1 Satin Flower Models and Photos
    • 1.1 Boleada
    • 1.2 Folded
    • 1.3 Burned
    • 1.4 Fine Satin Ribbon Flower
    • 1.5 Satin Flower for Tiara
    • 1.6 For Hair
  • 2 How to Make a Satin Flower: Step by Step

Satin Flower Pictures and Models

To make satin flower does not need much sewing. Of course some models are incremental and with a higher level of complexity, but even the simple models are gorgeous and super versatile.

Satin Flower: Models to Be Inspired

Satin Flower: Models to Be Inspired

Satin Flower: Models to Be Inspired

Satin Flower: Models to Be Inspired

Satin Flower: Models to Be Inspired


The rounded satin flower looks beautiful and is easy to make. You do not have to spend with specific materials or know how to sew, because the flower is all glued. Who sees such beauty does not imagine the simplicity that is to do, right? So we chose this model to teach in the tutorial at the end of this article.

Satin flower: Boleada rosa

Satin flower: Boleada light pink

Satin Flower: Red Boleada

The rounded satin flower is shaped like this because of the heat we use at the tips. Burning is important to give the shape of the petal but also cuels the tip preventing the satin from undoing over time.

Satin Flower: Yellow Boleada

Satin Flower: Lilac Boleada

The chaton is an important part of the satin flower, as it gives more beauty and delicacy to the piece, in addition to drawing much attention.

In stocking stores and handicraft items you find a good variety of round chunks with half pearl, however it is possible to make at home and save a small piece or increase profit if the intention is to make satin flower to sell.

Want to learn how to chaton? Take an empty milk carton and sanitize well. Open the box and pass a generous coat of colorless enamel.

Put the half pearl in the middle. Take the rhinestone and round the pearl, leaving it close or apart as you wish. Cut the excess. Pass enamel over the rhinestone and wait for it to dry. Ready! Just get the milk carton and your chaton is ready.

Satin Flower: Blue Boleada

Satin Flower: White Boleada


Making folded satin flower is really an art. It is not as difficult as it sounds, but it requires a bit more technique than the rounded satin flower.

The best of this type of flower is that you do not have to worry if it will ruin the satin with glue or have an extra spent with chaton. Not to mention that they are really beautiful pieces that can be used in different types of decoration.

Satin flower: Pink folded

Satin flower: Blue folded

Satin flower: Purple folded

The folded satin flower is all together, so it has a great durability. It is the type of flower that does not cut easily, so it can be used to decorate dishcloths and tablecloths more highly. This artisan detail adds beauty to the towel, giving a touch of elegance and authenticity.

Satin Flower: Beige folded

Satin flower: White folded

Satin flower: Yellow folded

Satin flower: Red folded


The rounded satin flower is burnt, but it is possible to make models without balancing, just by burning the tip of the petal to take shape. In this model the flowers become more rounded and you can use several layers of petals to leave fuller looking like a natural flower.

Satin Flower: Blue Burnt

Satin Flower: Blue Burnt

Satin Flower: Burnt Pink

Satin Flower: Burned

Satin Flower: Burnt Pink

All satin flower models are made with satin ribbon. It is important to use a wide stem so that the petals are large, meaning the larger the width of the ribbon the larger your flower will stay.

In craft product stores you will find satin ribbon of every color you can imagine, but if it is about flowers some colors are more successful than others. The colors that are in high are: light pink, sky blue, salmon, purple and blue tiffany

Satin Flower: Burnt Light Pink

There are several ways to do chaton, some take various sizes of pearls to cause this deconstructed effect.

Satin Flower: Burnt Pink

Fine Satin Ribbon Flower

Do you have thin satin ribbon at home and do not know what to do with it? Thin ribbons are widely used to make loops for gift wrapping, but it is also possible to make satin flower. The shapes are different, but the beauty and delicacy you already know. Here are some wonderful models of satin flower with thin ribbon:

Satin Flower: Thin Red

Satin flower: Fine pink

Satin flower: Thin pink and white

Satin Flower: Thin Orange

With the thin satin ribbon you can make more fun flowers. You can use embossed ribbons, two colors on the same flower or cheerful buttons in place of the core.

Satin flower: Thin blue and lilac

Satin flower: Fine pink

Satin Flower: Thin Blue

Satin flower: Fine pink

Satin flower: Thin yellow

Satin flower: Thin white

Satin Flower for Tiara

Every mother likes to "embonecar" their princesses, so the market from satin to tiara flower is so promising. Many artisans dedicate themselves to producing only this type of art and the return is nice. Most girls have more than one tiara and whoever buys once always ends up buying again.

Another flower model that is super high for tiara decoration is the felt flower. One of the great advantages of this type of handmade flower is its versatility, because besides being able to be used in the tiara it is also possible to use it in the decoration of clothes, decorative comics and several other types of handmade pieces. Want to check out 60 beautiful models of felt flower? See the special post we have prepared and still learn how to do it with our step by step!

Satin Flower: Pink Tiara

Satin Flower: White Tiara

Satin Flower: Tiara

In tiaras you can use more than satin ribbon to make flowers. In this model the lace ribbon flower matched perfectly with the satin flower and made the piece much more sophisticated.

Satin Flower: Pink Tiara

Satin Flower: Tiara

The most enhanced tiaras are worn on special occasions, such as birthday and year-end holiday dates. When making this type of part it is important that all parts are well glued together. Do some tests before using on the child to make sure everything is firm, so you avoid the risk of a series of accidents if the child puts the tiara in the mouth.

Satin Flower: Blue Tiara

Satin Flower: Pink Tiara

The satin flower tiara can have very varied prices, it all depends on the type of work and the amount of gemstones. In accessory stores you can find a tiara like this with prices starting at $ 20.

Satin Flower: Colorful Tiara

The mix of colors makes the look of the little ones more cheerful. If you bet on a tiara of vibrant colors bet on the combination with a more neutral clothing.

Satin Flower: Yellow Tiara

For hair

The satin flower can be used in hair accessories in many different ways. On the tiara, the elastic and the tic tac. They are the most successful versions among moms. Who can resist such a cute figure, right?

Satin flower: White for hair

The glossy ribbon leaves the accessory more flashy, so it matches with special occasions.

Satin flower: White for hair

A piece like this can easily be worn in a wedding hairstyle or 15th birthday. It is delicate and ideal for those looking for a simple look.

Satin Flower: Pink for Hair

Besides thinking about beauty we should also consider the comfort of small ones when using this type of accessory. The tiara should be lightweight not to weigh on the head and cause pain. In the case of tiaras made with elastic it is important to use a very thick elastic so as not to disturb.

Satin flower: Lilac for hair

Satin flower: Yellow for hair

How to Make Satin Flower: Step by Step

The rounded satin flower is one of the easiest models to do, especially if you're still a beginner and are falling in love with the art of making flowers. Besides easy it is also a model that requires few specific materials. Let's learn


  • Satin ribbon 5 centimeters wide of desired color
  • Scissors
  • Cover button with 3 cm in diameter
  • Felt
  • Burner or lighter
  • Ruler
  • Silicone glue or hot glue
  • Round pearl round toe

Step by step

  1. Let's start by cutting the satin ribbon. Cut 14 rectangles of 4 centimeters by 5 centimeters. It is these squares that will live petals.
  2. Cut a 5 centimeter diameter circle of felt. This will be the base of the satin flower.
  3. Mark the middle of the base with a pen tip
  4. With the ruler take a risk by dividing the middle of the base and then another scratch, forming a very right X.
  5. The base will be divided into 4 parts and now we will divide each part in half, leaving 8 parts as if it were a pizza.
  6. Center the metal part in the center of the base and contour with the pen. These markings will be necessary to know where to glue each petal.
  7. Now let's round the petals. Place the satin-look rectangle that you cut into the first step inside the metal part of the button.
  8. Close with plastic part. Be careful to leave it centralized.
  9. Now with the scissors cut off any excess tape, leaving only the tape that is inside the button and a thin edge to burn.
  10. Now pass the lighter to burn the tip and at the same time. Take care with your fingers, as the metal can get very hot.
  11. Take the petal out of the button and repeat with the other pieces of tape.
  12. Let's ride the satin flower. Glue the first petal over the scratch of the smaller circle of the base. Let the bordohas burned down.
  13. Make all this outline with the petals always putting one a little on top of the other to not let go and get a full satin flower. There are 8 petals in this circle.
  14. There will be a circle of petals and a circle of felt in the middle.
  15. Let's paste the 6 remaining petals of the remaining part of the base, right in the center.
  16. Stick glue in every middle circle.
  17. Glue the first petal with the tip over the center marking that we made with the pen.
  18. Contour with petals always placing lightly one on top of the other.
  19. In the center paste the round pearl chaton.
  20. Easy, right?

Did you enjoy our ideas of satin flower? Did you have any questions at the time? Leave your comment.

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