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Winter Garden: 86 Amazing Ideas And Inspirations!

O winter Garden is a space designed to make the house more airy and contribute with the aesthetic look. But this area goes far beyond these two functions, and can even be used to give a touch of green, separate environments, and even be a relaxing corner in the middle of the home.

If you are in need of tips to have an incredible winter garden, and that suits your project and your personal taste, we separate inspirations and tips that will give you that incentive to desire a internal garden already. So, let's go to the post!



  • 1 Types of winter garden
    • 1.1 Open
    • 1.2 Closed
    • 1.3 Large
    • 1.4 Small
  • 2 Models of winter gardens
    • 2.1 In the room
    • 2.2 In the kitchen
    • 2.3 Between the living room and the kitchen
    • 2.4 Under the stairs
    • 2.5 In the corridor
    • 2.6 In the bathroom / toilet
    • 3.0 Room Cleanliness
    • 2.8 In the gourmet / barbecue area
    • 2.9 In spa / hot tub
  • 3 How to make and decorate the winter garden
    • 3.1 With pots
    • 3.2 With decorative stones
    • 3.3 With wooden deck
    • 3.4 With stones on the wall
    • 3.5 With Washer Lighting
    • 3.6 With bench
    • 3.7 With percolating (internal)
    • 3.8 With artificial plants
    • 3.9 With vegetable garden
    • 3.10 With pallets
    • 3.11 With mini lake and waterfall
    • 3.12 With synthetic grass

Types of winter garden


Among the types of open indoor gardens, there are two possibilities:

  • Without walls: this kind of garden usually integrates the interior of the house, and there is no separation between the room and the garden, so the garden becomes an integral part of the environment.
  • Opening at top: in this type of configuration for the gardening project, the opening is superior, ie no ceiling closing the space. For those who opt for this type of garden it is necessary to consider that the rains will enter the open space, and therefore, a tip is to use glasses separating the garden from the rooms of the house.

winter garden with tree

The tree decorates the central space of the garden

open model


Closed versions are those in which the room is not integrated into the rooms and most of the time this room is made through glass, which separates the rooms, but leaves the landscape design.

Although closed in their surroundings, this type of indoor gardening can include the upper opening, making the plants receive the brightness of the sun.

decorated with bamboo

Bamboo panel decorate the space

closed model

The wall has Portuguese stone cladding


If you have a great and free span in the project, you can take advantage of the space to turn it into a winter garden.

Taking into account the size available, it is worth considering a gardening project with a mix of plant species, or even something clean, with a smaller variety.

decorated with bromeliads

Bromeliads decorate the space under the stairs

large garden

The large living room has the integrated


The little space is not justification for not having a green area at home, on the contrary, know how to enjoy each corner. And in case of having an area with smaller size, it is worth to resort to vertical space, so vertical gardens are great choices to introduce a touch of green in the environment.

small indoor garden

On the walls, vertical gardens

textured wall

The purple wall has texture

Models of winter gardens

In the room

room with glass wall

In this proposal of winter garden in the room, the idea was to make a glass wall, which makes the garden can be seen from the room and become part of the decoration of the environment. In the composition of the project, the small space gained a gray wall, which combines with the living room fireplace, and winter garden plants, such as the Lily of Peace.

More pictures

living room with winter garden

The brown rug gives color to the environment decorated in white

decorated with net

In the winter garden, in addition to the plants still have a network

wall coating

3D cementitious boards line the wall

In the kitchen

modern kitchen

The kitchen with island is modern

The kitchen can also gain a green space, and in this case the glass finish already leaves the garden integrated into the room, but the opening allows greater interaction of the green area with the kitchen, in addition to helping to make the room more airy and fresh.

More pictures

garden in the kitchen

The kitchen floor is burnt cement

kitchen with table

Between the living room and the kitchen

integrated environments

To decorate the integrated environments, the bet was by the gardening project that was done in a kind of hallway and decorates the kitchen, but that can also be seen from the room. The effect of the garden is beautiful, because it integrates the rooms better with a touch of green.

More pictures

decoration integrated environments

The glass door integrates the garden into the living room

wall decoration pestle

The pylon mud wall forms a background for the gardening project

Under the stairs

downstairs decor

The garden under the stairs is a great bet to take advantage of the gap that is usually empty. In this project, the idea was to use species of green plants and decorate with white pebbles, which maintains the clean style of the room and leaves the highlight to the green of gardening.

More pictures

white ladder

Vases with plants decorate the space under the stairs

stone wall coating

The light below the staircase values ​​the decoration of the space

garden under stairs

In the hall

decorated corridor

One of the walls is of blocks of glass

Even an inner corridor can be turned into a winter garden, as is the case with this inspiration. In the project, the hallway has won two small gardens - one on each side - and has been decorated with small plants, which does not disturb the circulation and still value the space.

More pictures

decoration hydraulic tile

The wall of the staircase was decorated with hydraulic tiles

cobogó wall

The cobogó wall allows the entrance of light

garden in the hall

The wall has demolition wood flooring

In the bathroom

decoration basin

In this proposal for a sink decoration the idea was to include a touch of green to enhance the space and even make the bathroom more airy. To create the garden, the idea was to take advantage of the space under the counter, and also to make a mini garden at the entrance of the toilet, which leaves the result more harmonious.

More pictures

toilet with garden

Round mirror decorates the toilet

decorated bathroom

The shower part is split with a half wall and glass

small decorated toilet

In the bedroom

modern bedroom

The shades of brown are the basis of the bedroom decor

The room is a room to relax, and if you have a space available it is worth including a conservatory to make the environment even more relaxing. In this proposal, the garden was separated from the room through glass, and gardening was done with stones and potted plants.

More pictures

blue decorated room

The blue frame on the wall conveys tranquility

beige bedroom

single room

On the floor of the room, imitation wood flooring

In the gourmet / barbecue area

gourmet balcony

To decorate the gourmet balcony is worth dividing the space between barbecue and plants. In this project, the idea was to leave the barbecue on one side of the balcony, and on the opposite side the potted plants add a touch of green and characterize the small conservatory on the balcony.

More pictures

gourmet balcony

The marble countertop is sophisticated

garden with barbecue

Flower pots decorate the wall

In the spa / hot tub

bathroom with bathtub

If the idea is to have a SPA at home, it is worth inspiring this project. Here the bathroom with hydromassage has glass walls that when open create an interaction between winter garden and bathroom. The look that the garden adds to the bathroom besides enhancing the decor, still leaves the most relaxing space to enjoy the SPA.

More pictures

balcony with hot tub

modern bathtub

The bathtub follows the modern minimalist style

home spa

The tub counter is made of marble

How to Make and Decorate the Winter Garden

With pots

If you have not planned a space with earth to plant, the solution is to make a garden decorated with pot. Instead of planting, decorate the entire space with pots, so even makes a rotation in the plants that will be used in the landscape design.

garden decorated with orchids

White orchids are sophisticated

garden with pots

With decorative stones

The garden with stones is also an option for the gardening project. Decorative stones on the floor may be smaller for small gardens, or larger for details of projects where there is more space. In addition to decorating, the stones can still form a base for decoration with pots.

garden with white stones

White stones form the basis of gardening

decorative stones

With wooden deck

If the idea is to create a space to relax, it is worth including in the wooden deck design, so you can create a path to access the garden without stepping on the lawn. Among the options of deck, you can bet on models with running board and made-to-measure, or a cheaper option with wooden modules, which can be assembled as needed.

garden with table

The small table with chairs compose the space

deck wood

Bambus decorate the environment

With stones on the wall

Besides choosing the plants and elements that will make up the design, another possibility is to decorate the wall with decorative stones. The element should be chosen according to the type of gardening, so that the whole project is balanced and the stone wall does not take the focus out of the garden.

stone wall

decorative stones wall

With washer lighting

The external washers are an element that goes beyond the garden, but that transmit an incredible result to the space. Instead of considering the only design with plants, investing in a light on the wall is ideal to create an indirect lighting for the conservatory and thus give prominence to the space even at night.

illuminated with washers

With bench

The winter garden can also be an environment to relax and unwind, so if you have a little bit of free space it is worth including in the garden benches project, which leaves an area designed to enjoy the green corner at home.

colorful wall

The marsala wall adds color to the design

decorated with bench

The wall was decorated with niches

With pergola (internal)

The pergola is an element that stands on the garden, as if it were beams that can be made of different materials (bamboo, wood, concrete, etc.). The detail is capable of forming support for a glass roof, or being discovered by letting rainwater wet the garden.

wood decoration

Vertical garden decorates wall

pergola of wood

With artificial plants

For those who do not have much success with the maintenance of natural plants, one possibility is to decorate the winter garden with artificial plants. Not to leave the result too artificial, the tip is to choose plants that look natural, so nobody will notice that your garden is not with natural plants, and the flowers and plants will always be beautiful!

flowers bathroom

The white bench has a support tank

artificial plants

With vegetable garden

Having a vegetable at home is great, so when it comes to cooking you have everything fresh. And it's worth even including fresh herbs and spices in the interior garden décor. Besides the mix you can make with plants and vegetables, another possibility is to make a winter garden in the kitchen with only the temperinhos.

pots with vegetable garden

White stones line the floor

vegetable garden

With pallets

The decoration with pallets and crates can also extend into the conservatory. The proposal to reuse the materials is great and besides contributing to the environment, you still have a cheap and creative design option to decorate the winter garden.

garden with pallet

Bamboo orchids decorate the space next to the wall

pallet decoration

The wall has wood-mimicking coating

With mini lake and waterfall

The gardens with water are always beautiful, and the sound of the water cascading down is super relaxing. Oh, and you do not even need a lot of space to have a garden with lake. The idea is to do everything in miniature and take advantage of the space available, and to make the best use of the area, bet on the use of vertical space for the plants and even the waterfall.

artificial lake

Lighting on the lake enhances the environment

lake with waterfall

Stones decorate the surroundings of the lake

With synthetic grass

The garden with grass looks beautiful, but we will agree that grass requires maintenance and care, so synthetic grass is a good substitute, especially when the idea is for gardens in total shade, or internal projects in which there is no land for planting.

Synthetic grass

artificial grass

Vases with orchids decorate the wall

Already inspired by the tips and ideas for winter Garden? Now just create your green space at home!