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Old Game Toast With Stones

Old Game Toast With Stones

The old woman's game is old but still enjoyed by children and adults.

This version can be given as a gift, and the bag used to store the pieces still serves as a tray.

This game is a good suggestion to give as a toast at parties.


  • 10 dark pebbles
  • Acrylic paints in blue, red and white colors
  • Thin sisal rope
  • Flat and fine brush
  • Scissors for fabric
  • Pencil 6B
  • Ruler
  • Jute

Way of doing

The old woman's game has nine houses, but we will use 10 stones so that each player has the same number of tiles.

Choose stones that are about the same size (neither too big nor too small), preferably flat and dark or white in color.


Wash the stones well and let them dry; if necessary, leave for a few minutes dipped in a little bleach (do not touch this water without gloves).

Paint crosses on 5 stones and circles on the other 5.

Use different colors to make the game more beautiful. Let it dry.


Draw the board on the jute with ruler and pencil.

The straight lines should be about 6 cm apart (it may be more or less, depending on the size of the stones).

Obs: Do not cut the jute yet.


Paint the lines of the board with a different color from those used on the stones.


After dry, fold the jute and cut, leaving a left over for sewing around the tray.


Make a sheath along the jute strip.


Sew the side and bottom (side opposite the sheath) and roll.

Using a safety clip or pin, thread the rope through the sheath.

Make a knot at each end of the rope, so it does not escape.

The bag is ready.


How to Play the Old Game

The old woman's game is very simple, but it needs a lot of attention. Requires two players: one stays with the stones marked in x and the other with the stones in a circle.


They sip to see who starts.

Play one at a time.

The first player places a stone in the house he wants.


The second should put a stone in any of the three houses next to it, being the top, bottom or diagonal, as in the photo.


Each player must try to fill a row of houses with three stones, while blocking the opponent.


It wins who first occupy three houses, in any sense: vertical, horizontal and even diagonal.

But it can happen that both players are completely blocked, as happened in this photo.

In this case, nobody wins.

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