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Luxury Houses And Chicks: 60 Breathtaking Pictures!

Who does not like to open a magazine or a website and see luxury and chic houses? Even though so much luxury is still far from your reality, the decoration and style of the facades can be a great source of inspiration to value your home, or just a photo to appreciate.


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  • 2 Inside
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    • Wheelchair accessible
    • 2.3 Dining room
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    • Wheelchair accessible
    • 2.6 TV room and home theater

On the outside

Chic house with pool

The lighting in the pool enhances this space

The house with pool is almost a palace. The structure of light colors and large glass windows allow you to enjoy the external view and integrate the internal and external environment in style.

modern architecture

If you like the most current line for architecture you can be inspired by this version of straight lines and built-in roof. In addition to the super modern design, the house still has an infinity pool to give inspiration to anyone.

chic garden

Near the pool, pergola with glass cover

And of course you can not miss this super sophisticated construction with several glass walls and amidst a wide garden of green grass. The gardening even favors the style of the home and leaves the whole environment more cozy.

rustic house

Even the rustic house can follow a more elegant line. And in this project, this type of architecture is marked by the trunks of apparent wood and earthy tones that define the exterior decoration and the color of the painting.

glass House

The yellow lighting makes the home more cozy

Another modern inspiration, this project shows very current characteristics, such as:

  • Straight lines;
  • Glass walls;
  • Integrated environments;
  • Integration of external and internal areas.

Chic house with balcony

THE luxury facade marks this "humble" residence very well. The modern lines of architecture mark the front of the house, and the predominance of glass makes the look more modern and chic.

House for sale in The

Palm tree-type plants fill the garden

If the intention is to be inspired by a breathtaking project, you can save this home as a source of inspiration. Here the house has contemporary features, but what most values ​​the house is a staircase that gives access to a pool that adds value and beauty to the exterior of the home.

house with garden on the roof

Here is an idea for those who are looking for a beautiful, chic and sustainable residence. The house values ​​the entrance of natural light through the large windows and glass walls, and features a roof garden, which helps keep the temperature inside the home more pleasant and creates a relaxing space.

glass bodyguard

The stairway to the home gives sophistication to the project

Running away from external visuals with pools, this project shows a modern facade with predominance of glass and clean visual, due to the light color painting and night illumination.

classic building

In classic style this construction marks a more dated design, but not less elegant, after all the classic line is not out of fashion. In addition to the huge townhouse, the house still has several access points that leads to the pool area.

glass house

The pool appreciates the outdoor area

The glass house is a super current trend, and here the result is fascinating. The proposal is a house with a glass wall and leave the internal environment visible, which allows you to enter the pool area and outdoor space.

house with apparent roof

The house with apparent roof you can also follow the sophisticated line, as shown in this project, in which environments with glass windows allow dazzling of the pool that with modern shape.

More pictures

colorful pool lighting

Upholstered around the pool leave the most relaxing space

Decorative Lantern Decoration Extena

large and different pool

Aerial photo lets you view a project for a wide area

modern pool

facade with wood

The wood details of the structure value the design

house with reflective glass

facade with columns

The double right foot is valued by the glass entry door

facade with garden

double-storey single storey

The large glass door openings allow the integration of external and internal environments

house with external staircase

house with night lighting

The differentiated forms value the façade

double height ceiling with glass

sophisticated maisonette models

facade with mirrored wall

The mirrored facade gives modernity to the project

modern facades with swimming pool

tower with columns

The pool extends through the central span

facade with glass

photos of chic houses


Living room

double height living room decoration

The glass coffee table is modern

In this design the luxury living room is characterized by the decoration in light and soft tones. The sophistication of the project counts on double right foot and mix of natural stone and wood for cladding the walls.

mirrored coffee table

A very elegant project to receive guests is this space. Here the decor is based on the color chart with shades ranging from beige to white; and large sofas and armchairs make up the space that has chic details such as mirrored coffee table, and a comfortable setting.

More pictures

integrated living room

The large hardwood rug sets the living room space

luxury decoration

The glass walls leave the more sophisticated environment

chic living room


kitchen with brown marble

White orchid decorates the corner of the workbench

If the house follows the luxurious line through all spaces, the kitchen can not be desired and this proposal shows a well-suited environment the sophisticated line. Here the walls are lined with marble and the modern design of the pieces and items that make up the space value the food preparation area.

sophisticated kitchen decoration

The integrated kitchen asks for a decor the height of all the luxury, and in this design the space has been decorated in shades of white, gray and silver for the details. The central L-shaped bench follows a very modern line and values ​​the space.

More pictures

kitchen with central island

Different pendants make up the table lighting

black kitchen decoration

ideas for cooking with island or peninsula

Dining room

dining room with carpet

Flowers decorate the center of the dining table

The crystal chandelier model chosen for the space is already able to leave the chic environment, but other points characterize this decor, such as:

  1. Upholstered chairs;
  2. Dining table with classic style;
  3. Carpet under the table;
  4. Mirrored wall.

black dining table

In this proposal the idea refers to a mix of chic and modern. The large pendants mark the look and give current features, but the size is consistent with the dining table and the space of the environment.

More pictures

dining room with chandelier

Venetian Mirror Decorates Wall

white floor

The mirrored dining table is elegant

luxury dining room decorations


acrylic lamp in decoration

The bronze mirror on the wall leaves the bedroom cozy

The sophisticated décor brings together items that value the space of the couple and at the same time leave the atmosphere cozy. To compose the space, there is a mix of items like:

  • Chandelier chandelier;
  • Carpet mat;
  • Bronze mirror on the wall;
  • Canopy bed.

padded headboard

In the luxury room the decoration has soft colors (beige and white) in predominance. And in the details like elongated headboard of capitonê, chandeliers like lampshade and mute mirrored mantel, it is possible the sophistication of the space.

More pictures

In-room childcare (surcharge)

The spacious environment allows even a space with armchairs

luxurious decoration curtain

upholstered headboard

The wallpaper follows a classic style


bathroom with bathtub

Of course, amid so much sophistication this space could not be different, and the luxury bathroom becomes almost a SPA. Here the environment has bathtub, rug and even armchair and the whole mix could only result in a beautiful space!

onyx stone

The green wall leaves the cozy space

With a more modern touch, this design shows the composition of the environment with illuminated onyx stone for the bath and bench area. And in the background a wall of plants and flowers that give an extra charm to the space.

More pictures

flowers bathroom decoration

Persian carpet decoration

The cementitious coating characterizes the bottom wall

luxury bathroom models

TV room and home theater

home theater room decoration

With so much sophistication you can not have a cool space to watch a movie, and this project shows almost a home theater, since space with classic decoration gathers upholstered and row seats that face the projection panel.

decorated tv room

The fireplace leaves the cozy atmosphere

For the TV room, the bet was for an environment with comfortable sofas and built-in lighting that allows to control the intensity of light in the environment.

More pictures

chic tv room

Orchids decorate coffee table

sophisticated room decoration

luxury tv room

Curtains control light input

If you have been able to see all this post with luxury and sophisticated houses without drooling, you are to be congratulated. After all, it is such sophistication that even the eyes are lost.

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