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How To Make Gardens With Stones? Learn

The natural stones make the garden more elegant,
be used both in open spaces and in winter gardens, in large
extensions or in small spaces. There are a huge range of stone options for
complement your garden. Check out Inspirations from the Garden of Ideas for
use of stones in the garden:

the stones can form a kind of barrier in the garden, delimiting spaces
for walking, creating a path to be covered.

use of white and light stones, for example, creates a sensation of contrast
between its tone and the green of the plants.

for those who do not like to leave the earth in apparent pots, stones may be the
solution. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose a type of stone that allows
that the water passes between them, so that it reaches the earth and water the plant.

Whatever the use, stones are sure to form
interesting combinations and the visual result is always very beautiful. Invest!

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