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How To Grow Potatoes In Pots? Learn!

Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods in the world. Fries, baked, stuffed or even cooked, we hardly find anyone who does not like this tuber, right? And did you know that it is possible to grow potted potatoes in your home? Check out the step by step here in the blog Jardim das Ideias!

1. THE PREPARATION: only two English potatoes that are already in the process of sprouting are necessary for planting. This process can be done by leaving the potatoes exposed to the sun for a few days, until the shoots begin to appear on the surface of the bark.

2. TYPE OF VASE: the ideal is that they are two plastic buckets with measures of 30 centimeters of circumference and at least 30 of height. In the first, drill holes in the bottom and sides to help drain the water. This bucket will stay inside the other, which will serve with protection for the land does not drain.

3. THE PLANTIO: place some small stones in the bottom of the bucket to aid drainage; After that, fill 10 to 15 cm with fertilized soil and push the potatoes into it, covering them with another 5 cm of soil.

4. THE CULTIVATION: for the potatoes to grow, it is necessary that the earth is always moist, but not to the point of rotting the roots. The pot should remain in an area of ​​the house or garden that has plenty of sunlight, and as soon as the shoots begin to appear, more soil must be put in until the bucket is complete. But remember: the earth can never damage or bury the leaves of the bud.

5. THE HARVEST: the potatoes will be ready to be harvested the moment their leaves have a yellow-brown coloration.

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Video Editorial: How to grow Potatoes at home