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Carnival Accessories Ideas

Carnival Accessories Ideas

Carnival blocks multiply every year and creativity when it comes to creating a fantasy also grows! In fact, it is not even necessary to have a well defined theme or character: more and more folià ± as simply produce their own accessories, if they adorn well, capricham in the glitter, in the makeup and if they play in the alalaô! Get inspired with some suggestions of easy-to-make Carnival accessories.

Carnival Accessories: Head Pieces

carnival tiara

It is not enough to have an incredible hairstyle: it is necessary to decorate it very well. To do this, provide neutral tiaras or hair combs and use hot glue to create a beautiful headpiece.

Elasticated to pass through the forehead also give excellent bases.

There are several possible materials. Peacock feathers, embroidery, unusual ribbons, bits of lace, shiny fabrics in laces, sequined shapes and even small adherent crystals.

You can mix it all according to your taste and creativity!

If you want to get more thematic results, like tiaras only of fruits or flowers, for example. Just buy the little ones at craft stores and cover the accessory with them, from the hot glue!

Makes Easy also teaches you how to make a tiara of tulle pompons. Check out our super simple step by step.

Fun Earrings and Glasses for Carnival

flower earrings

Also in handicraft stores for accessories you can find structures to create earrings, whether hanging or affixing directly to the ear.

From them you can glue artificial flowers, fringes and everything else that you find beautiful, cheerful and that is not hooked on the hair or clothes of other people.

It is also important that it is not too heavy. This may cause discomfort or even open the holes in your lobes too far.

A safer choice in this regard is the pressure earring. But make sure that it holds the weight of the earring without squeezing your ears too much.

ornate glasses

If you are going to play Carnival during the day and want to wear sunglasses, do not leave them out of the joke. Style them too! Choose one that you no longer use or buy a cheaper model and arm your hot glue.

They are worth the same tips for hair arrangements. Feathers, crystals, ribbons, appliqués and more.

Clothes to Fall in Folia


As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, today it is enough to make a very bright and colorful production to be ready for balls and blocks. It is not necessary to have a definite fantasy.

In addition to the head sets, earrings and glasses, you can also improvise fun and very simple clothes to do.

You can simply go to a fabric store and choose a very sparkly to tie at the waist, like a canga. Tie it or tie it with a brooch you have to see. Depending on your choice, you can simulate a mermaid's tail.


Even more allegorical is what you can wear from the waist up or hold in your arms.

Provide a simple rectangle of tulle next to the color of your skin, sew some flowers from the tones of the rest of your clothing and run around the neck, dropping it body down.

Be careful that the flowers are not too heavy, so as not to tear the tulle.

Carnival Accessories Ideas: very

And how about those long, fluttering, well-performing fringes? It looks very elaborate, but it is not. Buy a fine synthetic fabric in three different colors - about half a meter for each color.

Join them by alternating the tones. It is enough to make a dot at one of the edges to join. Then cut the fabric into strips. Finally, attach some rubber bands to your arms.

The piece should be unique, going straight from wrist to wrist.

The last, very important tip is to dispense with commercial glitter and look for biodegradable ones. There is even simple homemade glitter recipes to do at home!