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Kitchen Ideas For Studios And Kitchenettes

Kitchen Ideas for Studios and Kitchenettes

There is no shortage of solutions to set up your apartment in a small space. Architects, decorators and even appliance manufacturers are responding to this ever-increasing demand. The kitchen, a great challenge, can already be designed and equipped even in kitchenettes and one-room apartments, called studios. Surprise yourself more next.

Similar to offices, where only the bathroom is in a separate place, the studios and kitinetes require that everything else be organized. This is so that the bedroom, living room and kitchen fully integrate.

Here are some ideas for setting up a place where food and cooking can be housed in single-room homes. They also serve for those who want to install a small kitchen inside a larger guest room.

Kitchen in One-Bedroom Apartments

kitchen kitchenette

Some kitinetes even reserve a place that suggests a kitchen, where there is usually a sink.

This is already a great advantage as there will be no need for works to install one.

The next step will be make the most of every available area around the sink. It should accommodate the other elements that make up a minimally functional kitchen.

kitchen hidden cabinet

Kitchen mounted inside built-in cupboard

Another increasingly used outlet is to create a kitchen inside a built-in cupboard. The so-called "hidden kitchens," or "hidden kitchens."

There it is possible to take advantage of all the space in the closet to create a workbench, install a sink and even niches from the height of an adult's eyes to the ceiling. This will help keep space always organized.

Concealed in cabinets or not, kitchens of studios usually occupy only the area of ​​a wall. Therefore it is fundamental to verticalize the storage of household appliances and utensils such as microwave oven, electric kettles, water purifiers, dishes, glasses and food.

Incidentally, a great suggestion is to install a shelf of stainless steel rods over the top of the head line. It is perfect for letting dishes run.

When it is dry, it can stay there, saving space in cabinets. The pots can be hung on the walls.

Your dining table may be those folding, which you store behind the door or under the bed or sofa. You will arm it when you will use it by placing it next to a chair, armchair, or sofa.

You can also choose to dine on a large tray that can stand on your own lap or on the bed.

Kitchen Appliances for Studios

studio kitchen

When it comes to buying the appliances for your studio kitchen, the rule of proportionality is worth: small space, small appliances. In fact, the less appliances, the better.

Two of the items that have been designed exactly for well reduced spaces are the refrigerator and the cooktop: they will be your refrigerator and your stove.

Before that, consider the real need for a microwave: if it is possible to heat the food in the cooktop, it can become expendable.
If you still come to the conclusion that you need a microwave, opt for the smaller model.

Also evaluate the need for other devices.

Toasters can be replaced by the electric oven, which will also be able to bake other foods; blenders, blenders and fruit juicers, more robust, can lead to a much smaller mixer.

Reduced Kitchens: Less Is More


The rule of how much smaller, better also applies to quantity. The less you earn, the more you earn in terms of space and organization.

So get rid of objects that you really do not use.

You do not need to have, for example, a rice rack, or salad bowl, noodle picker or potato masher if you do not consume these foods.

Living in a one-room apartment, you probably will not be able to get more than four people for a meal. So why keep playing sets of six or more pieces? The same goes for the glasses.

If you do not have a dining table, donate your tablecloth. In fact, donate everything that is left in your kitchen.

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