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Chita Decoration: 25 Ideas And Step By Step!

The classic cotton fabric with floral prints and strong colors has passed away from the decorative universe for many years, but now the cheetah decoration has become a darling in different proposals and can be your ally also in the time to give color to the home.

How to Use Cheetah in Decoration - Tips and Ideas

colorful room

For the coffee table, wooden crates

The colorful decoration is the point of reference of this room. Here the cloth stamped on the cushions that decorate the sofa and puffs, but the floral on another type of fabric is still seen on the sofa, which ensures a super charming touch to space.

fabric headboard

The bedside for fabric bed is a nifty and cheap alternative to the bedroom. Here the proposal was to gather several prints in a kind of patchwork and make a very colorful piece to brighten the space.

balcony decoration

Hanging Samambals decorate the external environment

The balcony decor also deserves special attention, after all the place is great for relaxing in the late afternoon. And here the proposal was to make the cover for the seat upholstery and pillows on cheetahs with blue prints.

calico bedspread

In a more sophisticated design, the double bedroom has stucco wallpaper and modern furniture, while the quilt for the calico bed shows that it is possible to use the fabric in different decorative styles, in order to create a balanced counterpoint for decoration.

colorful kitchen

The blue floor and walls give color intensity to the project.

In the colorful kitchen, the floral cloth was used to give even more color and cover the table. The result is a cool and cheerful atmosphere.

rustic bathroom decoration

Even in the bathroom you can use the fabric. Here the design is a rustic decor with antique furniture, and to give a touch of color, the closet had part of the door lined with floral and colorful fabric.

American game

To make the dining table more cheerful and use the fabric delicately, you can make American games and use the item when serving dinner or coffee.

colorful chairs

The glass door guarantees natural light

In this project, the kitchen has a rustic touch and the neutral colors predominate in the environment. To bring a touch of color, the bet was to line the chairs with different prints and make a mix of colors for the table.

decorative cushions

If you want to introduce the use of the fabric, but are still afraid of making a mistake, you can bet on pillow cases with the floral style. The item looks great for decorating sofa, armchair and even bed.

colorful picture frame

The wall decorated with colors leaves the atmosphere more cheerful

How about doing a painting? In this proposal, the mural was lined with cloth and Provençal mirrors were fixed on this base, giving even more charm to the decorative piece that can be used in different environments.

simple and cheap curtain

A simple idea to decorate the house, is to use the fabric as a curtain. Here the proposal was for a rustic environment, and the result is super charming and cheap.

decorated corridor

Niches decorate the background wall of the environment

For the decoration of corridor worth to be inspired by this idea and to cover the seat of a wooden bench with cheetah. Then just place the seat in the hallway and give an extra charm to the room.

fabric wall

The fabric wall is more of a proposal for anyone who wants to use the cloth in a different way in the decoration. Here the proposal was to give a touch of color to modern decor and for this a patchwork mix was used.

colorful bathroom

Black inserts create a neutral background for colorful decoration

Once again the bathroom was the chosen spot to decorate with cheetah. The support bench was painted purple and the seat part lined with colored cloth.

decoration barbecue

In the area of ​​the barbecue, the space gained two points decorated with the fabric. The first proposal is to make a curtain to close the counter space that serves as a closet, and the other is to use stamped pillows on the green wooden bench.

modern kitchen

On the floor, the mosaic stone gives more style to the floor

To use the fabric in a different way, you can use it to line the ceiling and leave the highlight for anyone looking up.

More pictures

room decor

decoration with pallet and crates

The photo frame decorates the wall

decorated double room

cheetah paintings

floral fabric wall

decorated bathroom

The wooden bench has a support tank

room with fabric wall

decorated balcony

The floral cushions of the chairs give color to the environment

colorful room

Liked cheetah decoration? Did you see that it is possible to invest in floral fabric in different ways to make the environment more cheerful !?