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Jasmine Mango (Plumeria Rubra)

Jasmine Mango (Plumeria rubra)

Technical Name: Plumeria rubra L.
Frequently Asked Questions jasmine mango, frangipani-red
Family: Angiospermae - Family Apocynaceae
Source: Mexico, Antilles

Jasmine Manga (Plumeria rubra) - Description

Deciduous tree, shape of chandelier, open and irregular crown, smooth and tortuous trunk.

The branches are fragile and tortuous.The leaves are oval, large and coriaceous.

The flowers are tubular, reunited in large inflorescence.

Jasmine mango (Plumeria rubra) plumeria

It blooms from late spring to summer.

The fruits are similar to pods, coriaceous.

The plant is latescent and considered poisonous.

The flowers are part of the ornament of necklaces, known as leis, used by the Hawaiians.

Mode of cultivation

The jasmine mango (Plumeria Rubra) needs sunshine and develops well on fertile and well-drained soils.

To plant molt, take care of the leaves, the latex can cause contact dermatitis.

To open a pit greater than the clod, add animal fertilizer from well-tilled corral mixed with leaves orcompound fertilizer complete, also placing a tutor so that the plant develops erect.

Tie with cotton cord without strangling the plant.

Water well in the planting and in the coming days.


Jasmine mango (Plumeria rubra)

In winter, in the colder states usually lose the leaves completely, but its ornamental effect is interesting also in this way.

For coastal areas it adapts well and the warmer the climate, the greater its flowering.

It has beautiful landscaping effect, and can be grown in gardens of any size.

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