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Felt Keychain - The 60 Most Beautiful Inspirations & Easy Tutorial!

The felt keyring is very cute and is the kind of party favors the guests will wear after the party is over. There are a multitude of different models and themes that are sure to brighten up your party.

If you are in search of ideas prepare yourself for a tide of fofurice! Let's show you 60 inspirations, make molds, give tips and teach you how to do it at home with a complete step by step. Will lose?


  • 1 Photos and Models of Felt Key Chain
    • 1.1 Flower
    • 1.2 Cloud
    • 1.3 Heart
    • 1.4 Unicorn
    • 1.5 Teddy Bear
    • 1.6 Owl
    • 1.7 Mickey
    • 1.8 Safari
    • 1.9 Birdie
    • 1.10 Lyrics
  • How to Make Felt Key Chains: Step by Step
  • 3 Free Print Templates

Felt Key Ring Photos and Models

With felt we can create many kinds of pieces, including key chains. It is an art highly valued, because it gives a job to cut and sew all the details, in addition, the points need to stay the same so that it gets a good finish.

Felt key chains are mainly used as children's birthday favors, but you can also make them as a wedding favor or another important occasion.

felt inspirations keychain

felt inspirations keychain

felt inspirations keychain

The felt keychain follows the same style of party decoration and brings the main characters as a highlight. Some moms invest in a keychain version for girls and one version for boys.

felt inspirations keychain

felt inspirations keychain

For those who are passionate about felt crafts we have prepared a super special post with 70 beautiful inspirations!


The flower-shaped felt keyring is very delicate and there are two main ways to do it: with filling and without filling.

yellow flower felt keychain

This is the keychain version without filler. The petals are folded and sewn with a dot in the center, getting as close to the natural flowers.

flower felt keychain

felt blue flower keychain

rose flower felt keychain

Here we have the most chubby flower, with filler. It looks like the flowers of the cartoon and combines with the most varied themes of girl's party: Enchanted Garden, Rapunzel, Fazendinha, among others.

felt keychain red flower

A cloud

The cloud keychain combines with various party themes and has everything: Rain of Love, Rain of Blessings, Party of the Pajama, among others.

felt cloud keychain

cloud felt keychain with pink lace

Working with white felt requires more delicacy and care. If you mark the template with white chalk the drawing will not appear, so the tip is to mark with charcoal and then clean or mark strong with a pen without ink.

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