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Learn To Make A Charming And Sustainable Vase

Have you ever thought about making a creative pot and moreover
sustainable? That's the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčour DIY (do it yourself) of this post!
We found a new way to reuse pet bottles. After the garden
vertical that we show here in the blog, it's time for you to learn how to do
a charming vase with a drawing of a kitten (or another pet if you prefer) using
Plastic bottles. Check out!


Plastic Bottles
White spray paint (glossy)

Water Resistant Marker
(black and pink)



Step-by-step on how to do the
flower vase with bottle PET-shaped cat:

1st Cut the base of the bottle, making two cuts
Pointy that will be the ears.
2nd with white spray.
Wait for the ink to dry.
4 Make the drawings of the eyes, mouth and mustache with the pens.

Now if you do not master much
well the art of drawing, you can use the templates available on Diycore's blog.
Karla Amadori: //

With the vase, the
time you grow the small plants. First put a layer of gravel and
then one of earth. The last step is to grow the species. Simple,

Did you like this DIY? Comment below if you ever venture to do
your own works of art!

Photos: Diycore Blog

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