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Eva Bugs - Funny Inspirations And Molds To Make At Home!

The EVA toys are super cute and used for the most different occasions: school decoration, party favors, centerpiece, bedroom decoration, among many other usefulness.

EVA is an easy-to-work material and has a low cost. You will find a wide variety of colors in any stationery and on the internet there are thousands of molds of everything you can imagine.

If you need inspiration from EVA pets came to the right place! We will show you 30 wonderful inspirations and give you tips for making perfect pieces at home. Who knows, it will not turn up to an extra source of income? After all, the EVA pieces are stamped stamps at parties, especially on children's birthday.


  • 1 Photos and Ideas of EVA Pets
    • Garden 1.1
    • 1.2 Farm Holidays
    • 1.3 Safari
  • 2 Free Print Templates

Photos and Ideas of EVA Bugs

On the internet you find thousands of EVA pet molds. They are essential to do a good job, because the mold guarantees that your piece will be the same as desired and one equal to another if you want to do more.

Before choosing the mold our tip is to make a sample piece to see if the result is even what you want, after all, we only know how the piece really gets after riding. Check out some wonderful inspirations from EVA creatures made with mold:

EVA Bugs Inspirations

EVA Bugs Inspirations

EVA Bugs Inspirations

The best is that you can do with any theme and brighten up your party even more.

EVA Bugs Inspirations

EVA Bugs Inspirations

The EVA bunnies can be used in themes like Safari and Fazendinha if you want to use this super cute pet in the decoration check out the super special post we prepared with beautiful models of bunnies and a step by step super easy to do at home!

From the Garden

The theme garden is one of the most cute for children's party, mainly used to celebrate the first year for such a cute.

Snail Garden EVA Bugs

Earthworm EVA Pets

With the EVA animals of the theme Garden Enchantment you can make different decorations and beautiful souvenirs to give to the guests.

Garden EVA Bugs

EVA Bugs from the Bee Garden

These pet models can be an excellent choice for decorating MDF souvenirs like little boxes and picture frames.

Pink and purple butterfly garden EVA pets

The embossed EVA leaves the pieces nicer, but also costs more expensive. In some stationers the value of the EVA stamped is more than twice as common, as a result most craftsmen use the print only in some details of the EVA pets not to make their piece expensive.

EVA Bugs from the Centipede Garden

Butterfly Garden EVA Bugs

EVA Pets of the Thrush Garden

Pencil tips can be a great choice for party favors.

Pencil tips are successful at children's parties. Because EVA is a lightweight material, it does not disturb children at all when writing. It is the kind of souvenir that moms love because children will use it at school or at home to play, meaning it is the kind of useful keepsake that does not end up in the trash after the party passes.

Garden EVA Bumblebees

Snail Garden EVA Bugs

little farm

In Tema Fazendinha the main animals are chicken, sheep, horse, cow and pig. Animals appear in their cutest version and with vibrant colors, you find this variety of EVA colors in any stationery. Buying in larger quantities to make to sell pays off to buy per kilo direct at wholesale.

EVA little farm animals

To paint the eyes of the EVA pets it is necessary to have more motor coordination and firmness in the hands, which hardly a beginner can do with mastery. As the saying goes, the technique is what leads to perfection, the more you train the easier you will do. If you are going to do only a few pieces for a relative's birthday, for example, the tip is to use the articulated eyes, those that move as you move the piece. There are several sizes to choose from and you can buy by package with 100 pairs, thousands or less.

EVA kittens of the farm girl kitty

EVA chickens from the chick farm

For moms who are going to make the tablecloth with TNT these models of pets can make the table even more fun and joyful for the kids.

Chicken EVA's Little Pets

Generally, the centerpiece needs to be taller to get attention and to have prominence in the decoration, so EVA is the ideal material to make this kind of piece. It is very light and you can put the type of candies you want, such as coconut candies, lollipops or chocolates.

EVA little sheep farm

EVA kittens of the farm girl kitty

This cute effect made on the faces of EVA pets is nothing more than make-up or pastel chalk. This technique is always used on the edges of the drawings to make the animals stained.

EVA Bugs from the Little Duckling Farm

EVA kittens of the farm girl kitty

For those who are looking for cute refrigerator magnet appliqué models, these models that we separate may be the perfect choice.

EVA little farm animals

EVA beasts of the horse farm


This is a theme widely used to celebrate the birthday of girls and boys, as it is a unisex theme. For girls, usually EVA pets appear with some pink details, to make the pieces more delicate and in harmony with the rest of the decoration. Check out some beautiful models to do at home:

Little EVA safari lion cubs

Tiger Safari EVA Pets

Safari EVA Giraffes

To cut the edge of the drawing you can use a chalk, but if you are a beginner you can use the technique of dotting with black permanent pen. The EVA pets get more cuddly and with a good finish.

Zebra safari EVA pets

Monkey EVA safari animals

In addition to super cute the door candy make the table decoration beautiful and very cheerful.

The bonbon door is a trend for children's parties, can be used as a souvenir or centerpiece. In some cities, each piece of these is marketed for $ 6.

Another ornament that super combines with the theme Fazendinha is the scarecrow. To inspire, we've prepared an incredible post with cute EVA scarecrows and molds to print and make at home!

Free Print Templates

As we said before the molds are very important to make any piece of EVA pets. The tip to make any piece in large quantity is to print the mold on sulphite paper and then transfer to a thicker and harder paper, from there to move to EVA pieces.

Another important trick is to never scratch the EVA with a pen to keep the piece unmarked. Use a white chalk that you can clean after cutting, another option is to use a crochet hook just to mark the design and then cut.

Mold EVA beanies

All parts are glued, you can use own glue for EVA or hot glue any of the two options leaves the finish of the great piece.

Mold EVA beanies

Mold EVA beanies

Mold EVA beanies

Use sharp scissors just to cut EVA. If you use the same scissors for other types of crafts it can go blind quickly and grind your EVA.

Mold EVA beanies

It is important to always move the EVA and keep the scissors firm. This causes a more straight and precise cut.

Did you like our ideas of EVA Bugs? Got any questions about how to do it? Leave your comment.

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