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Pvc Riveting Rack

PVC Riveting Rack

The magazine rack, which can fit in any corner, is a practical utensil for our convenience at the time of a good reading.
How about making a rack with PVC pipes? Follow our step by step and make yours.

It is super easy to make and its simplicity is that it brings all the charm to the environment that has it as part of the decoration.

Material and Base Assembly

To make the magazine base, you use:

  • 6 times the measure of PVC pipe with 43 cm;
  • 2 times the measure of PVC pipe with 26 cm;
  • 8 elbows, which will be used for joining PVC pipe parts;
  • Spray paint in silver color for painting.

pvc sheetmetal

To assemble the base of the magazine, first place the 8 elbows fitted on the ends of 2 larger pipes and the 2 smaller pipes.

It is not necessary to put glue, since the fitting is difficult to be made. So the undock also predicts a lot of difficulty.

pvc sheetmetal

On the elbows of the two larger parts, fit the other four larger pieces of PVC pipe, forming two beams.

pvc sheetmetal

Finally, simply attach the two beams to the elbows of the smaller pieces of PVC pipe, forming a structure as seen in the photo.

At this time, it is ideal to check all connections; leaving no part without being properly seated, so much is used force.

pvc sheetmetal

To be more environmentally friendly, the base structure made with PVC pipes was painted with silver spray paint.

This activity must be performed in an airy environment and the minimum distance of 15 cm must be obeyed in order to use the ink jet on the object and, after all painted and dry, to pass on, since there are always parts without ink in the first coat.

And the base is ready.

Material and Mounting of Magazines

To make the support, the following materials are used:

  • Denim fabric, in the print of preference, trimmed 2 times with the measures;
  • 1 meter long by 43 cm wide;
  • 38 cm velcro;
  • Black and white lines;
  • Sewing machine.

pvc sheetmetal

To make the support, join the right side with the right cut of the fabric and sew inside out all the way around.

Leave an opening to untap the part, always remembering the reverse at the beginning and end of the seam.

pvc sheetmetal

Untap and flip a seam all the way around, finishing the carrier.

pvc sheetmetal

Velcro will be placed on the smaller sides of the stand.

To place the velcro, you should first find the middle of the side of the fabric and then the middle of the velcro. Mark and pinch by placing the soft part of the velcro on the edge of the holder and the roughest part with the distance of 6 cm below, as shown.

pvc sheetmetal

Proceed in the same way on the two smaller sides of the fabric holder.

After finished, it will be as shown in the photo.

And so the magazine rack is ready. To attach it to the PVC pipe structure, simply attach the two sides of the Velcro.

pvc sheetmetal

Velcro safely supports the weight of the magazines and books you want to deposit. The fabric of the carrier and the color used to paint the structure can be made according to the decoration of the environment.

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