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Day Make Up Makeup

Day Make Up Makeup

Let's get to know a little of what makeup can do for us on a day-to-day basis.

Yes, because to give account of our many assignments since most of us have children, she takes care of the house, works out, and, still has to give that special attention to the husband, phew! is a lot, so we ended up forgetting ourselves and this old ally: the makeup.

But what is makeup?

Child face with makeup

First is to play a game of light and shadow. As well? They would be asking themselves at that moment, well I explain:

Using the light to show the world and everyone around us what is most beautiful in each physiognomy.

And, using the shadows, with which also obtain great benefits because after all without them we would not obtain the contrasts that allow us to create the simple effects.

Your skin should always be clean and moisturized

The skin, that is, the largest organ of the human body, among the several layers it possesses must be with the one that jumps to the eye, the dermis, well treated.

This is tantamount to saying, a clean, toned and hydrated skin.
For, however good the quality of the products used in the makeup, if the skin presents an irregular surface, stains of coloring and other visible signs of carelessness, it ends up compromising any visual and a makeup used daily it soon shows the skin in which it is deposited.

The daily maintenance of the skin

Day Make Up Makeup: makeup

Skin cleansing should be daily. But it is not enough just to clean it is necessary to know how to clean and what to use.

If the skin is oily, the gels are best indicated by their light texture and easy absorption.
Dry skin, on the other hand, requires a cream product because it usually has a more oily formulation.
The movements of facial hygiene are soft but firm. Generally from the center of the face to the sides in the form of small circles and ascending.

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