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Patchwork Blanket - Dancing The Squares!

Patchwork Blanket - Dancing the Squares!

Patchwork is a very versatile technique, just needs imagination and some experience.

We will now see how to make a beautiful blanket and that you will know where and how to use.

We would like you to learn to do, to distract yourself by beautifying your home, your child's bed, or even to sell and have an extra income!
Having a sewing machine, time and courage everything is transformed, and for the better!
Come on?

Level and Measures

Level of intermediate difficulty.

* Measure 0.90 X0.90

Required material:

  • Ruler,
  • Circular cutter,
  • Cutting board,
  • Pencil 6B,
  • Scissors,
  • Pins,
  • Sewing machine,
  • 100% cotton thread,
  • Cardboard molding med. 16 X 16 cm
  • Acetate mold med. 12.5 X 12.5


  • 16 squares med. 16 X 16 cm in different prints (8 light and 8 dark)
  • 30 cm of plain green fabric
  • 35 cm white fabric (tom-tom)
  • 25 cm of kid's floral fabric
  • 1 m of acrylic blanket
  • 1 m of white fabric for the lining.

How to make this blanket: step by step

dance blanket

Cut the 16 squares med. 16 X 16 cm with the mold or cutter.


Place them on the table and arrange the colors so that it is light and dark.

dance of the pictures

Sew the squares of the 1st row, then the other 3.


Be careful to pass the seams of rows 1 and 3 to one side and 2 and 4 to the other.

Put them on the table.


covered seam

Attach the straps.


Taking care to marry well the seams.


You will then have a square med. 0.56 X 0.56.


Cut 02 strips into 9.5 cm wide green fabric.

Sew first top and bottom, after on the sides.

square dance

Pass and place on the table.

Make mold in acetate:

Cut a 12.5 X 12.5 square mark on the mold 2.5 cm at each corner, and draw a scratch from side to side forming an X.

Put a pin in the center.


Place the mold over the seam of the squares holding with the pin.


Trace around doing this in all squares.

patchwork blanket

His work is already all scratched,


Cut on top of all the scratches taking care to go by arranging the squares on the table putting them back in their places.


Now do the dance of the squares, turning them clockwise to fit.

patchwork dance

Attach the squares of the first row with pins very carefully so that they do not go out of order, repeat this operation in the remaining rows.


Sew the pinned squares.

dance blanket

Forming 4 strips, place them on the table.


Join the strips without stripping them of the order.


The frames

Cut the white and floral fabric into strips 7 cm wide.

1st frame:
Sew the white strip on the top and bottom of the job, and then on the sides. Pass.

2nd frame:
Sew the floral strip on the top and bottom of the work then on the sides.

3rd frame:
Sew the white strip on the top and bottom of the job and then on the sides.


Cut 1 time in the lining fabric and 1 time in the blanket a square med. 0.95 X 0.95.


Place the liner, blanket, and top on the table.

Pin the whole piece well.

sewing blanket

Sew a seam close to the 1st frame.

Now do the 2nd and 3rd frame


Now make a seam at the edge of the work, 1 cm wide.



Cut the leftovers.

Cut the green fabric into strips 4 cm wide, then fold them to make the bias, fold in half and pass to crease.


Sew around work.

Fold it inside out and sew with invisible stitches.

Get ready !!!

patchwork plaid

Can be used in several ways !.

Good work and see you around !!!

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