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Marmoglass: All About! 50 Tips And Photos

Do you know what marmoglass is? It may be that you have never heard of this name, but you may have seen some house or project that used the material to cover a surface.

The stone that has been developed in China has been gaining more and more market around the world, and of course here in Brazil has not been different. After all, a beautiful stone and more dear friend could only be among our very little darlings.

If you want to know more about marmoglass, its specificities, advantages, uses, colors and variations, just keep reading the post.


  • 1 What is marmoglass?
  • 2 Advantages
  • 3 Colors
  • 4 Usage
  • 5 Price
  • 6 Photos and ideas for using marmoglass

What is marmoglass?

If you've ever heard of or never heard of marmoglass, do not despair. After all, with a little help you will find out what it is.

The marmoglass is an industrialized stone that resembles a natural stone, but is produced from marble powder and glass. The end result is a high strength, high gloss surface.



  • Risk: the material is characteristic for its excellent strength and therefore makes it difficult to scratch.
  • Liquid Absorption: with low porosity, the marmoglass has low liquid absorption and can be used on wet surfaces.
  • Stains: again its resistance is a plus point, since the material will hardly stain and can even be used in kitchen countertops.
  • Cleaning: the smooth surface of the marmoglass makes cleaning very easy, since with the use of a damp cloth it is possible to leave the coating clean and shiny again.
  • Toughness: the composition of the stone makes the material very resistant and therefore the difficulty of breaking is a strong point of this feature.
  • Brightness: Unlike many natural stones, the marmoglass has a lot of luster and can be an excellent choice for those who enjoy this effect.
  • Replaces natural stones: the marmoglass is a great replacement for natural stones that may have restrictions on use, lower strength and higher price.


Because it is a synthetic stone that is created, the marmoglass is not restricted to a range of colors that is found in nature.

The stone can be found in different colors like beige, white, black, red, gray, orange and more a multitude of colors. And the best thing is that the resistance remains the same, since the stone is developed in industries.




The kitchen sink bench can be made of marmoglass, since the material has high strength and can be used for wet surfaces. Unlike marble that is not suitable for this area, industrialized stone can be a good substitute.


The industrialized stone can be used inside and outside the design, so extending its use onto the gourmet balcony can result in an elegant and durable countertop to the outside area of ​​the home.


The peninsula or kitchen island can also be made into marmoglass. The look is a glossy countertop, but it can also be used as a food preparation aid without fear of scratching or tarnishing.


The marmoglass can be used to make details of the house and decoration, as in that project where the artificial stone was used to make shelves in the dining room.


The variation of use of the material is immense, and the product can be used in the manufacture of tables.


The marble staircase is beautiful, but its lower strength and high cost can make natural stone unfeasible. To maintain the same style, it is possible to use the marmoglass on the ladder. In addition to taking more into account, the high strength of the material still gives a long life to the ladder.


In the bathroom the marmoglass can be used both on the bench and on the floor. For the latter, you need to be a little cautious since with the humidity of the environment can leave the floor wet and slippery. Oh, and so the synthetic stone floor is not suitable for outdoor areas.


In the lavatory the red artificial stone was used for the bench that served as support for the tub. The choice of color was essential to give a bold and sophisticated touch to an area of ​​the house that is usually bland.


The marmoglass table in the dining room ensured sophistication to the environment and was even ideal to reflect the chandelier lighting on its bright surface.


In addition to coatings, the use of artificial stone can also extend into vats and ensure the material's strength, durability and beauty.


The average price of marmoglass is around R $ 700,00 m². Okay, it's not the cheapest coat, but the cost-effectiveness makes it very worthwhile to use the material. After all, unlike natural stones, the coating has more shine, more strength, huge variety of colors and versatility in use.

Photos and ideas for using marmoglass

The variety in the use of this synthetic stone is enormous, and it can be a bit difficult to imagine every corner in which we can use this material. For you to have no more doubts and still have a little corner of inspiration, we selected several photos with the use of marmoglass.











What do you think about using marmoglass? In addition to being beautiful, the material is still an alternative for those looking for stones that are not taken from nature.

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