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Mini Party Crate Sticks Crates

Mini Party Crate Sticks Crates

Sometimes it is difficult to pull for creativity and think about what to offer or make as party favors. Here's a cheap and very creative idea of ​​packaging for snacks or sweets. Ideal for juninas parties, julinas and even for children's parties. Here's how to do it.

You can increase the work with a rustic patina to give a better finish to the boxes. Or lining the boxes with tulle or patchwork cloths. Caprichar in the ties of the packaging.
Just spice up the details to give that extra touch.


  • Popsicle sticks
  • hot glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Way of doing

crates of toothpick

You can get packages of toothpicks at candy stores or parties.

Let's start from the bottom. Cut the tip of a toothpick, mark in it an inch and cut off the excess on the other side.

crates of toothpick

Do this with four more sticks and put them together, as the picture shows.

For the sides of the crate, cut four shorter sticks to the exact width of the bottom.

Cut four more in length size.

crates of toothpick

For a better finish, sand all the edges of the sticks. Take out the dust well.

Attach the sticks with cut pieces and hot glue.

The bottom sticks should be glued together, but leave small spaces between the sticks on the sides, as in the fruit crates.

crates of toothpick

As you glue the side walls, place them side by side to make sure they are all the same height.

crates of toothpick

It's time to assemble the box.

Start by gluing one of the smaller sides, passing hot glue on the bottom edge of the crate.

Wait for the glue to harden to firm well and join a side wall. Also put a little glue inside the corners, so that it is very firm.

Make several little boxes and fill with various candies.

crates of toothpick

After the party, these boxes can be used to store small materials (rubbers, clips) or even serve as miniature pots.

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