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Small Sharpening Manual - The Workplace!

Small Sharpening Manual - The Workplace!

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The sharpening needs to be done in a comfortable position as it is repetitive and can cause you to "RSI" (repetitive strain injury).

In the method presented you will need to work standing with the stone in a comfortable and fixed height or at least in a box with non-slip bottom.

Brackets or boxes.

• Cast aluminum brackets can be attached to sink or table corners.
They can be found in stores that sell products to butchers and restaurants.

• You can also make a box lower than the stone by cutting one of these white "meat boards" and gluing the pieces with hot glue.
Glue something non-slip on the bottom.

Stone tempered and positioned.

Small Sharpening Manual - The Workplace!: Manual

• Sharpening will begin with the thickest side of the stone, so when you finish a sharpening, wash the stone (only water) and leave it in this position.

• Do not overtighten the screws.


Small Sharpening Manual - The Workplace!: sharpening

• Avoid oils and other difficult to clean mellies.

• Master Flavio Duprat uses a mixture of glycerin, water and alcohol.

Great for use and cleaning

Are Liquids Needed?

• Coolants are necessary because they remove the metallic particles that are released in the sharpening and mainly cool the thin metal of the edge avoiding that it loses its original hardness.

• For lack of anything else use pure water even though do not use mineral oils that will smell and taste unpleasant.

Small Sharpening Manual - The Workplace!: small

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