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Heart Mirror With Cork Stopper Frame

Heart Mirror with Cork Stopper Frame

The most romantic time of the year has come, when thoughts come out in the form of heart, stars, kisses... So, how about making a heart-shaped mirror in a frame of corks?

It is a unisex gift, since the materials used bring this perspective of choice. It is made of a lot of creativity, making it a standout piece wherever you are.


  • Heart-shaped mirror in size 50 X 50
  • Compensated in wood 3 mm, cut in the shape of a heart with 3 cm more than the mirror, around the outline
  • 02 hooks to hang the heart mirror, which will be placed behind the plywood
  • Corks that were bought in a total of 100, avoiding that it is missing in the middle of the workpiece
  • Contact adhesive (for example: shoe glue)
  • Craft contact glue (for example: tek bond)
  • Cotton cord for finishing

Providing Mirror in Heart Shape

mirror heart frame corks

For this piece it is imperative that the mirror be heart-shaped, and when looking for this mirror, it was not possible to find it ready in the desired shape and size.

Thus, a square was made in the paper parana, in the size of 50 cm by 50 cm and inside him using the margins was designed a beautiful heart.

This drawing was taken to the glazier who cut the mirror the same size. One detail when drawing the heart was to round the bottleneck at the top of the heart.

This facilitates trimming for the glazier. It will also make it easier to finalize the frame with the stoppers.

The same design was taken to the joiner who cut the shape of the heart in the wood, with 3 cm greater in all the contour. The joiner used a 3 mm plywood.

mirror heart frame corks

The greater cutting of the wood is necessary so that the detail is made with the corks, forming the frame of the mirror.

For the glue the contact glue was used, which is similar to the cobbler glue. Pass it generously through all the drawing of the heart in the wood and then through all the space on the back of the mirror.

Wait for a 5-minute rest time to unite the two parts.

mirror heart frame corks

A detail: this glue smells very strong and all this work must be done in an airy space.

After the glue is passed and the two parts (wood and mirror) are joined, it is expected to dry completely, for at least 24 hours.

How to Cut Cork Stoppers

mirror heart frame corks

For this frame, the corks should be cut in half and to work with the corks, especially if you need to cut them, you need to know some macutinhos.

Two forms were used that worked. The first way was to boil some water and as soon as you raise bubbles, turn off the fire.

Place the corks inside the container, capping it with a napkin so that the warm air is inside.

After about 8 minutes remove them and carefully cut in half in the longest direction, with a sharp knife, very carefully and calmly.

mirror heart frame corks

The second way was to boil some water with the already immersed corks and, after raising the boil, wait a couple of minutes.

Turn off the heat and wait another two minutes, removing them to cut in half in the longest direction with a sharp knife. Again and again, very carefully and calmly.

mirror heart frame corks

These two described shapes used to cut corks cause them to be cut without crumbling, giving the ideal finish to the frame.

Since they have to be wetted, it will be necessary to wait for them to dry completely, for at least three hours or until they are completely dry.

So it is possible that the glue can act correctly.

The frame

heart mirror corks

With the stoppers ready, it's time to frame the mirror.

First it is necessary to place the corks next to each other around the heart in the part that is left of the wood, to position them in the most correct way before gluing.

heart mirror corks

For gluing, beginning with the tapered roll, the quick-drying contact glue is passed into each stopper, positioning in place of which has been determined for it in the contour of the mirror.

Ideally, this glueing task should be done in two people as it facilitates glue handling and positioning.

Not to mention that two heads think better than one, so ideas can be shared.

heart mirror corks

After all the stoppers are glued, the mirror stays that way, as shown on the side.


heart mirror corks

The finish is done with the cotton cord all the way around, starting from the outside.

To know the proper size to be used, measure the cord all the way around. Leave a tip to spare.

Next, begin to glue through the central curve outside the middle of the cord. Be careful not to stick your finger with the glue that is too quick to dry.

heart mirror corks

Once the part of the outside is finished, it is time to go to the inside where one proceeds in the same way. Be very careful not to drop dots of glue in the mirror.

And so ends up another piece, romantic and suggestive for Valentine's Day:

heart mirror corks

Another option is to use a string instead of the string and, letting creativity extravasate, other models can be created.

Now it is enough to place it in a place chosen with affection and to admire or to give someone for whom one has very affection.

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