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Mirror Of Water - 25 Amazing Inspirations Of Decor & Architecture!

There are several ways to decorate your garden, as well as plants and flowers, and the water mirror is one of them. It brings lightness and depth, even in small proportions!


  • 1 What is Water Mirror?
  • 2 Photos and Water Mirror Ideas in Architecture
    • 2.1 External Water Mirror
      • 2.1.1 With Path
      • 2.1.2 With Cascade
      • 2.1.3 With Lighting
    • 2.2 Internal Water Mirror

water mirrors

What is Water Mirror?

Before showing various options and styles of water mirror it is important to know what it is and how it can change the face of your garden.

The water mirror is nothing more than a flat, shallow surface of water of whatever size you prefer. It may be intended to reflect architecture or landscaping or serve as a "barrier" to delineate the areas of your garden.

You can adapt this element to the environment style. The water mirror can be made with both straight and modern edges, as with stones and in more rounded shapes, for a more relaxed look.

The depth can vary from 20 cm to 50 cm. Thus, you can make the mirror below (for a continuity look) or above ground level (to give an artificial lake style).

All this structure should be planned with an engineer or architect to know if your soil can handle the necessary weight and changes. Once ready, you should have some maintenance care, like installing filters and circulation pumps.

If you want a more natural look, you can still complement it with plants and even fish!

Photos and Ideas of Water Mirror in Architecture

The water mirror can be installed in many different ways, besides being able to compose not only your landscaping, but also the decoration inside your home! Check out some options to get inspired!

Outdoor Water Mirror

When deciding to build a water mirror it is important to plan the location to be installed. The mirror should be made to highlight both the garden, as the trees and plants, as the very structure of architecture.

vertical garden water mirror

Here the mirror enhanced the vertical garden and gained a very natural style

mirror of water with flat structures on the surface

You can complement the surface of the mirror with structures that combine not only with its style, but also with the rest of its architecture

With path

In addition to enhancing architecture, the mirror can also be a very different way of highlighting the paths on your garden. It can serve as a separator of environments, but always giving a very light and natural look, matching with the green of your garden!

mirror of water around garden path

No matter the size of it, it already brings movement and harmony to your home!

water mirror with path on to the entrance of the house

In addition to serving as a separator, the mirror enhanced the architecture of the house!

clear water mirror with path

The path can be continuous or in separate pieces, to give even more movement!

water mirror with wooden path

Plants can serve not only to decorate around the mirror, but even the surface itself, beyond the path!

water mirror with plants and path on the surface

In addition to the plants, this mirror has even gained a rock!

mirror of water with path and vertical garden around

The percolated are successful as landscaping elements, and the water mirror may be the structure that was missing to enhance them even more!

water mirrors with pergolas

With cascade

The waterfall in addition to decorating and bringing motion to the water mirror, is a good way to keep the water flowing, especially if you have plants or even fish inside.

There are several models of cascade, from the most modern (with the straight and continuous water fall of the water) or those with a more natural look, as if it were waterfalls.

water mirrors with waterfall

waterfall mirror with faucet type cascade

You can even choose very simple models, such as taps! It gives a very rustic and discreet look to your mirror.

water mirror with two tap water cascades

water mirror with cascade that mimics decorative vase

Another very discreet option is to bet on decorative waterfalls! This mimics a vase

With Lighting

The water mirror enhances and complements your environment, but that does not mean you can not enhance it, and right lighting makes all the difference.

You can install the most different styles of lighting (a more continuous or more punctual) or different colors to highlight the background or create a new style for the water mirror at night.

mirror in front of house with continuous blue lighting

illuminated water mirror and garden

It is important that mirror lighting maintain the same style of garden lighting

structures over illuminated water

In addition to the internal lighting, the structures on the mirror were also illuminated

mirror of water with lighted rocks

Here, the lights were only installed to highlight the rocks on the mirror

water mirror illuminated in green

The lighting in the mirror was responsible for bringing some color to the garden!

The lighting can be done both in mirrors outside the house and inside!

water mirror with translucent surface

The surface of the mirror is not totally transparent, giving a very relaxing look

Inner Water Mirror

In addition to the outside of the house, you can install a water mirror inside! It is perfect for those who have a very striking architecture and want to accentuate in a harmonious and natural way.

water mirror on white side of house

The clear mirror background combined with the structure of the house, complementing the very light look

The mirror on the inside has the same functions as on the outside: it can serve to delineate different areas of the house or simply highlight some more apparent structure of the architecture!

water mirror inside the door of the house

The mirror stone background has continued with the landscaping of the outside area of ​​the house

mirror between two rooms in the house

water mirror inside wooden structure in living room of a house

The water mirror further enhanced the wooden structure!

You can take advantage of "lost" spaces to make the mirror of water, like under the stairs!

mirrors under the stairs

For those who like natural elements, the mirror is perfect to complement the landscaping of your garden, bet on this trend!