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Mosaic Mobile In Mandala

Mosaic Mobile in Mandala

This glass mosaic mobile, in addition to the beautiful effect caused by the passage of light, brings a circumcentric element, although it is square.

Circumstantial elements, known as mandalas, bring good energy - which is always very good!

And this mobile can be used to decorate rooms, balconies, balconies and houses of men, as it has a simple and beautiful model.

Get to work!


  • Colorless glass plate of 4 mm, larger or 2 pieces in the size of 20x20cm;
  • Ruler;
  • Pen for overhead projector and pen tip permanent marker;
  • Grout sand;
  • Silicone and plastic spatulas;
  • Neutral silicone (if it is a tube, you will also need a silicone gun);
  • Small spatula to pass silicone (spatula 24 - dental instrument) or ice cream stick;
  • Small glass base to place silicone;
  • Glass cutter;
  • Kerosene for the cutter;
  • Pliers;
  • Colored glasses in the colors: caramel brown, red, orange, amber, light blue and turquoise OR
  • 1 × 1 cm squares in caramel, red, orange, amber and turquoise blue, and squares 0.5 x 1 in light blue and 0.5 × 0.5 in red;
  • 1 red glass yolk;
  • Emery;
  • 1 x 1 mirror squares;
  • Small acrylic crystals;
  • Thick nylon yarn (0.60 mm diameter);
  • Alcohol or acetone;
  • Cloths;
  • Kitchen sponge;
  • Saucer;
  • Gloves and apron;
  • Protective goggles.

Glass Cutting

mobile mosaic

Separate the 4mm plain colorless glass plates and ruler, fine point pen, cutter with kerosene and pliers.

mobile mosaic

Make markings with the pen and ruler for a square of 20 × 20 cm.

Position the cutter over the first marking.

Put the ruler in place. Hold the ruler firmly so it will not slip.

mobile mosaic

Run the cutter by marking, steadily, with medium pressure.

From the bottom up or from the top down, whatever is best for you. Just do not go and go back with the cutter in the same place.

mobile mosaic

Hold the glass with your hand steady and the cut face up.

Place the cutter near the edge near the cut and break down.

mobile mosaic

Also cut the other side, leaving the square in the right measure. Cut 2 squares of 20 × 20 cm.

Sanding the Glass Plate

mobile mosaic

For a better finish and also to remove the cut, sand the glass with the aid of an emery.

If you do not have an emery, sand with a regular sandpaper.

mobile mosaic

In the emery, with water, pass the glass inclined by sandpaper.

Pass the four sides of a face.

Turn and pass the four sides of the other side, and then pass the 4 sides of the glass to 90° of the sandpaper.

Wash and dry the parts.

mobile mosaic

With clean, dry, clean glasses, separate the neutral silicone, scissors, nylon wire and a silicone spatula.

mobile mosaic

Cut 1.20 m of nylon thread.

Fold in the middle and give 2 knots to 3 cm of the fold, forming the hook to hang.

mobile mosaic

Put enough silicone on one of the glasses - enough to exceed the diameter of the nylon.

Spread well with the silicone spatula.

Then wipe the spatula with toilet paper.

mobile mosaic

Place the nylon wire diagonally across the square.

The top part is in the middle of a diagonal and the two ends coming out from the sides of the opposite diagonal.

mobile mosaic

Place the other square of glass on top of the first, making a sandwich with the nylon wire.

You can pass silicone on this square also before you paste.

Tighten tightly. Make as many blisters as you can.

mobile mosaic

Let it dry for an entire day with weight on top.

mobile mosaic

Meanwhile, let's cut glass bands.

Here we cut the turquoise blue, 1 × 1 cm.

But you'll need to cut also 1 × 1 cm squares red, oranges, brown caramel - and in size 0.5 x 1 cm, light blue.

The red ones, size 0.5 x 0.5 cm.

Separate pieces of turquoise glass and cutting materials.

Make markings with the ruler and pen for 1 cm strips each.

mobile mosaic

With the help of the ruler, run the cutter by marking, with medium pressure.

Bottom up or top down. Just do not go and go back to the same place.

mobile mosaic

Hold the glass firmly with the cut face up and place the clipper close to the cut near the edge.

Break down.

Cut several strips and do not forget to save some pieces for the finish of the mosaic.

Cutting Small Mosaics on Glass

mobile mosaic

To cut the strips into squares, use a pre-made template and cutting material.

mobile mosaic

Place each straight band over the template and make cuts on the 1 cm markings.

mobile mosaic

With the pliers close to each cut, with the cut face up, break down.

Mounting the Mosaic in Mobile

With the glass base well dry, let's mount the mobile!

mobile mosaic

To do this, separate all glass squares you have cut, the glass yolk, the neutral silicone, the dental spatula or ice cream stick, the base for silicone support and cutting materials: fine-tip pen, cutter and pliers.

mobile mosaic

In the glass base, before beginning the paste, make pen scratches on the back joining the diagonals, thus marking the center of the base.

As we are working transparently, pass a lot of silicone on the parts to prevent them from re-grooving behind.

Mounting the Mandala Center

mobile mosaic

First glue the red glass gem in the center of the base, and then glue around the gem, forming a circle, squares of 1x1cm amber glass.

mobile mosaic

After pasting the circle, mark the missing spaces in the squares.

Mark all the spaces, cut as we learned earlier and paste.

mobile mosaic

Around the amber, glue the red glass squares 0.5 × 0.5 cm, forming a circle.

Do not forget to leave the spans to the grout.

Mandala Mosaic Filling

mobile mosaic

Around the red, paste the squares of 1 × 1 cm in orange, always forming a circle.

After the orange, paste the turquoise blue squares of 1 × 1 cm.

mobile mosaic

Around the blues, glue the squares of 1 × 1 cm caramel brown glass.

After the brown, paste the squares 0.5 x 1 cm in light blue.

And after the light blue, we returned to the red, only this time in the size of 1x1cm.

mobile mosaic

In this row we reach the edge of the glass base.

Mark the leftovers in each square. Cut and glue until forming the circle.

mobile mosaic

The corners are left

After the red, paste the orange glass again, also marking the excesses, cutting and pasting the right squares.

mobile mosaic

Let's finish off the ends with pieces of turquoise glass.

Place the blue glass over the missing part and fill in the size with the fine-tip pen.

mobile mosaic

Cut a part running the cutter over the marking, as we've learned.

Hold the glass firmly with a mother and position the pliers close to the cut near the edge.

With the cut face up, break down.

mobile mosaic

And then cut the other part of the glass over the marking...

mobile mosaic

... and break as we learn.

Make as many cuts as you need.

mobile mosaic

And cut the glass to fill the four ends.

Stick in places by passing a lot of silicone and pressing with your finger to spread the silicone well.

Allow to dry thoroughly, as recommended by the silicone manufacturer.

After drying, wipe the pen marks with a cloth and acetone or alcohol.

Rejoining the Mandala Mosaic

Separate the white grout, a grout to prepare the grout, a silicone spatula and a spoon, or something of your choice, to mix.

Mix the grout with water as recommended by the manufacturer. Make a homogenous and pasty dough.

mobile mosaic

Apply the grout to the tile.

With the aid of the spatula, push the grout from side to side with pressure so that all spans are filled.

mobile mosaic

Remove excess grout from the mosaic with your fingers.

Make the finish on the sides of the piece, passing the grout with your finger, against the edge.

Leave to dry for about four hours.

mobile mosaic

After drying, wipe excess grout by wiping clean, dry cloth.

The mosaic is ready!

Finish with Crystal Mirror Yarns

To make the wires that hold the mobile more beautiful, we will put mirror and crystals, and we will also need the neutral silicone, the spatula and the base for the silicone.

You can buy the mirror squares ready. Or you can cut them as we learn to cut glass squares.

mobile mosaic

At the top of the wire, where we hang the mobile, let's paste 'a little mirror'.

Pass a lot of silicone in the mirror and place it on the wire.

Then pass the silicone in the other square as well and join the two, with the wire in the middle. Tighten tightly.

mobile mosaic

At the bottom of the thread, start by placing 15 crystal beads.

Stroke with the wire inside the last crystal to hold the row of crystals.

mobile mosaic

Glue the first mirror sandwich near the crystals.

And paste 4 more mirrors with a distance of 1 cm between them.

Give another 1 cm and put another 10 crystals, then another 3 mirrors.

Do this on the other wire as well.

All ready!

The mosaic mobile looks great against the wall. But the big cheap is loose, passing light!

mobile mosaic

The photo will never show the full reality of the colored light passing through it... but we have a small sample!

Make yours and prove the delight of having a mobile home!

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