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Car Fabric Organizer

Car Fabric Organizer

Who spends a lot of time in the car, driving from one activity to another, ends up leaving some things in there - items such as drinks, tissue, books, magazines, cell phones, cookies and more. No problem: learn how to make a fabric organizer to keep your car interior tidy.

How about making an organizer for the car, so that everything inside it is easily found? It can be elaborated according to the need of each family. In this step by step we teach a way of making that caters to some situations.

It's very easy and looks great. Let's go then?


  • Fabric for decoration for the base (this was used, because it is more resistant and hard)
  • Cotton fabric for pocket and bottle holders
  • Acrylic blanket
  • Transparent plastic vulcanized for making two pockets
  • Looser, more resistant webbing
  • Elastic used for making the waistband of underwear, which was used for being soft
  • 1 quick-release latch for handles, also known as quick-release latch fastener latch for backpacks
  • Bias for finishes
  • Zipper of 50 cm or larger, so you can cut and leave a better finish
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

For the loop, it was used:

  • 5cm gauge tape
  • Printed Cotton Ribbon for Handle Detail


For the preparation of the organizer, the measures of the bank were first taken to make it more personalized. And, according to surveys, this size turns out to be half standard, changing the compliance of some banks and in other cars, the width.

That is enough to adapt according to the preference.

Download the Measurements

Click here to download the download files to your computer (PDF)

According to the measures, cut:

  • Twice the measurement of the base in the decoration fabric, by being more resistant to support the pockets
  • Once the measurement of the base in the acrylic blanket
  • Twice pocket (fabric) measurement on cotton fabric
  • Once the measure of the pocket (of fabric) in the acrylic blanket
  • Four times the size of the bottle holder in the cotton fabric, it can be the same fabric as the pocket or different
  • Twice the size of the bottle holder on the acrylic sheet
  • Once the measure of the smaller plastic pocket in the clear plastic vulcanized
  • Once the measure of the larger plastic pocket, the clear plastic vulcanized
  • Once the measure of the tulle pocket, in the weft tulle more open and more resistant

For the handle, trim:

  • 50 cm of black gauge tape 5 cm wide
  • 50 cm 2.5 cm wide printed cotton ribbon

For elastics, remember that the one used for making waistcoats is used, because it is softer. After all, he will be in contact with the car seat and with the back of those who use the front seats:

  • 60 cm which will be used to hold the organizer from the bottom, on which the quick release latch
  • 10 cm which will have the other part of the closure to close the elastic of the bottom
  • 41 cm which will be used to hold the top of the organizer at the head of the bench

As for the bias, it was used about 6 meters (and left over), as it is sewn in several moments for a more charming finish. The color is the one you prefer. In this case a pastel tone of dark beige was used that combined with the other colors of the organizer.

Working Organizer Fabric and Fabric for Cars

car organizer

After trimming all the parts, it is necessary that the blanket is used to the fabric, passing the iron, carefully, removing after the burrs that remain of the blanket.

After the discovery that much easier to sew them together, together and glued, no one holds, because the seam is great.

car organizer

At this point, the fabric is scratched according to the measures so that the milk boxes can be sewn.

Scratch the part of the fabric and then pass a straight seam forming the "U" design, just to hold the fabric on the blanket and leave a detail. It looks great at the end.

car organizer

To make the milk carton, join the corners to form a triangle. The stitching should be done on the pencil mark that must be redrawn on the side of the blanket.

car organizer

And the stitching looks that way, cute.

This procedure should be done with all three fabric pockets.

car organizer

Then simply remove the excess fabric, cutting very carefully not to get in too much and end up taking off the seam.

Thus, the outside of the pocket and the bottle holder is ready.

Proceed in the same way with the three linings.

To join the two parts, the tip is: use the iron again, which does a good job, and enjoy this moment to mark the creases.

car organizer

Sew the bias around the contour, starting at the sides and finally the part of the opening.

Proceeding in the same way with the three pieces.

car organizer

Also sew the bias on the two larger sides of the smaller pocket of clear vulcanized plastic.

Sew the bias on one of the larger sides of the tulle pocket.

car organizer

Sew the bias on one side of the zipper that will be used in the larger transparent plastic pocket.

And that first biased side will be sewn into one of the larger sides of the plastic.

car organizer

The bias finish sits over the plastic that gets stuck to the back side of the zipper.

The other part of the zipper will only have the finish of the finish when sewn at the base of the organizer.

Base and First Pockets of the Organizer

car organizer

Let us then, to the preparation of the base of the organizer to begin to receive his pieces.

In this first part of the base, which will be the front, it is quite simple, just join fabric and blanket with a machine foot seam all around.

car organizer

Find the base medium by the larger sides and make the markings.

The clear plastic pocket will sewn from this point down, remembering that this pocket is located at the bottom of the organizer.

car organizer

Pin to the seam, already positioning the tulle pocket.

Pass the finishing seam on the top of the zipper. Sew almost in the ditch for the full extent of the bias on the two eaves of the bias.

Pass a machine foot seam all around the edge, joining base, plastic pocket and tulle boldo.

car organizer

It will look like this, after the leftover has been cut.

These two pockets are ready, noting that the tulle pocket will remain open.

car organizer

Time to position the smaller transparent plastic pocket, measuring 10 cm from the smaller side of the top of the base.

In this marking will be sewn one side with bias. Ideal to repeat the two seams made of finish in the bias, because in this way, the base of the pocket will be safer.

car organizer

Before finishing the sewing of this pocket, it is necessary to sew the bias in the upper part of the organizer base, as shown.

This pocket will be finalized later, because some steps will come sooner so that it is harmonious.

Fabric Organizer Handles

car organizer

Now, let's make the handles.

Sew the cotton stamped tape, centered on the tape and gimlet. The seam must be made with the black line so that another color of line does not appear on the underside of the gecko.

Proceed in this way with both handles and book.

car organizer

When the elastics have been cut, the stitches that remain in the clasp must be sewn to avoid fraying.

One of the parts of the clasp, the elastic will get trapped, passing the seam several times in the same place in back and forth with the zigzag stitch, to be well resilient.

At the end of the elastic of the other part of the clasp, just, sew the tip, making a finish with the same point.
Cut and over and pass a hint of fabric, stiffening the stubborn strands.

car organizer

Position the elastic within 10 cm of the pocket, as shown in the photo, and sew tightly. Taking care so that the elastic writing does not stay the other way around. Test before sewing.

Position the elastic over 11 cm from each side. Tie and sew tightly.

car organizer

To make the seam of the handles as perfect as possible, mark 45 cm, as shown.

car organizer

That pen marking should match the seam of the bias.

Pin and sew with reinforcement.

car organizer

The lower handle must be positioned 14 cm from the larger side and the marking this time should match the seam made previously throughout the contour.

Sewing Bags

car organizer

Now is the time to sew the smaller plastic pocket.

Pin and thread the seam on the sides and it is observed that the base of this pocket is below the seam of the bias, purposely.

Find the middle of this pocket and pass a seam from top to bottom with setback at the beginning and end, dividing it in two.

car organizer

Now let's start sewing pocket and bottle doors.

It was already possible to see in other photos the marking that was made for the placement of the pockets, but it can be done at that moment, using only the central measurement of the three pieces, disregarding the sides. Early demarcation will make all the difference.

Begin positioning and sewing the parts from left to right.

car organizer

Sew each piece in the seam made in the bias, thus leaving a better finish.

Finishing the Car Fabric Organizer

car organizer

And so, the fabric pieces are properly positioned in the base of the organizer.

car organizer

Sew the bias in one of the smaller sides of the other part of the base.

car organizer

Position right side with right of the two parts of the organizer, leaving open the top that will have a differentiated finish.

Pass a machine foot seam all the way very carefully, because in some places there will be volume of fabrics, plastic, bias and zipper.

car organizer

Unwind with care, because although the opening is large, the plastic makes the process difficult.

car organizer

Demarcar well the corners of the bottom and pass a straight sewing of machine foot by all the contour.

car organizer

Close the upper part in the bias seam of the two parts, reinforcing on the handles.

And even pass a reinforcement seam at the top of the bias, as shown.
All this care is due to the weight that this part will bear.

Positioned in the driver's seat.

car organizer

The pockets hold the water bottles well. In the tissue pocket, cookies can be placed; in the tulle pocket, the tissue box can be stored; in the largest plastic pocket can be stored magazines, books; and in the upper transparent plastic pocket, two lying cell phones can be accommodated.

car organizer

And the bag can still be transported through the straps.

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