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Plants To Hang: Get To Know The Most Wanted Species!

The hanging flowers stand amazing in gardens
vertical, but also lavish charm when hanging in hanging pots. With
days and a drier climate, the tendency is for plants to
decorative spaces take care of the external spaces, bringing life and beauty to the

For those who like hanging plants, some
species are beautiful when applied to walls, hedges,
whether or not on a support for attaching the pot or xaxim. To assist in your
we select the most sought after species
tranquility in the hottest time of year:

Samambaia - It has a wide variety of sizes,
reaching from 2.5 centimeters up to 20 meters in height. It is part of the
group of Pteridófitas and is considered "prima" of the avencas and xaxins. IS
a foliage that does not give flower or seed and is usually grown on the balconies of
houses and apartments, receiving partial light and gradually developing.

Lace-Portuguese - Tough and delicate this plant does
part of the polypodiaceae family belong to the genus called Dasvallia. With
beautiful and robust foliage, this species does not require great care and adapts
with ease to the weather.

Violet-pendant - With small oval leaves, this
species is perfect to be hung in baskets or flowerbeds in
external factors. The colorful, life-giving effect leaves the environment even
Enjoy the summer days. This flower appreciates the morning sun or the
day, in addition to requiring little maintenance.

Hera-estrella - Your name already gives the format of this
foliage and it is a sturdy plant that can be grown easily.
With stained and star-shaped leaves, this creeper creates a
ornamental in the decoration of the environment.

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