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Porta-Lipstick - 40 Magnificent Inspirations & Walkthrough!

Makeup is one of the main allies of female beauty, after all who does not love to feel beautiful and with self-esteem up there, right? However, it is worth remembering that one of the best friends of makeup lovers is the organization, which is doing more and more in the shops in trays, lipstick holders, frasqueiras, among other items is increasing.

Assembling a specific makeup corner as a makeup counter is the most appropriate to ensure not only the organization, but also the care to avoid that sad scene of the compact powder crashed on the floor.

In order to help you improve the care and organization of your makeup, we separate 40 beautiful and super useful lipstick models in this post, as well as a complete step-by-step tutorial on how you can make your own model at home. We are sure that among the models we separate you will find the perfect option for your little corner!


  • 1 Lipstick Pictures and Models
    • 1.1 Acrylic
    • 1.2 MDF
    • 1.3 EVA
    • 1.4 Of Fabric
    • 1.5 Toothpaste Box
  • 2 How to Make Handmade Lipstick: Step by Step

Lipstick Pictures and Models

There is always that moment when we are super late and incredible as it seems the favorite color of lipstick that he intended to wear on the day disappears, a traumatic moment in which objects begin to fly, wardrobes are completely dismantled and the dog begins to be questioned.

Thinking about this, to appreciate the organization of lipsticks through a lipstick is the right request.

Yes it is now! No more mess and races behind the dog. To inspire you, we separate the best options from lipstick models of the most varied types like acrylic, MDF, EVA, fabric and even with toothpaste box.

Lipstick: Models to be inspired

Lipstick: Models to be inspired

Lipstick: Models to be inspired

Lipstick: Models to be inspired

Lipstick: Models to be inspired

From Acrylic

Who wears makeup knows how much their items are worth, right? Organization and cleaning are indispensable when it comes to makeup, after all, it is something that we spend in the most delicate region of the body.

The acrylic lipstick holder is one of the most beloved options today. This is because this is an option that besides being beautiful can be found in the most varied sizes and colors.

It is possible to find models to meet the most different needs, either for those who want to place it on the dressing table or for those who prefer to organize inside the drawer.

To get inspired we separate incredible models of acrylic lipstick.

Lipstick holder: Rectangular acrylic

One of the main advantages of the acrylic lipstick is that you can find options not only for lipsticks, but also with spaces for other make-up and accessories. This model we separate in the photo is an alternative for those who have little space and need to optimize. With this example you can organize lipsticks, brushes, powder, shadows, blush and whatever else you want in one piece.

Lipstick: Acrylic with flower shape

Besides the organization it is important to think about the type of decoration you want for your makeup corner. Thinking about it, the tip is to invest in different models of the traditional rectangular format and look for models with different formats such as flower and heart.

Lipstick: Acrylic with heart shape

Lipstick holder: Small acrylic

This is a great tip for organizing the colors of your lipstick holder. To make it even easier to put on makeup, it may be a good idea to put the lipstick with all the labels facing up. By doing this you can view all the colors simultaneously and quickly find the option you are looking for.

Lipstick: Acrylic

Lipstick holder: Acrylic for 12 lipsticks

Lipstick: Acrylic with 2 floors

From MDF

There is no denying that the MDF lipstick holder is one of the most beautiful models. If you like handmade pieces this option may be the right request for you.

There are so many perfect models like: painted, with decoupage, adhesive, with mouth format, canister, among others that it is difficult to choose.

To inspire you, here are some options to make your little corner beautiful and super neat.

Lipstick: Square in MDF

Yes, we know how hard it is to go buy one and go back with 3 lipsticks. If you have many units it is important to look at this when choosing your lipstick holder, this model that we separate may be a great option. When looking it seems to be small, but in fact it accommodates more than 20 units.

Lipstick holder: MDF canister

Lipstick: Small on MDF

Lipstick: Square in MDF

Lipstick holder: Pink on MDF

Lipstick holder: with MDF mouth shape

Lipstick holder: For 5 lipsticks on MDF

From EVA

EVA is a super versatile material that allows us to create the most varied types of parts. From home decor, party favors to the beloved lipstick.

The cool thing is that besides being easy to work it is possible to find EVA options with different types of prints like flowers, heart, fruits, animals, among others.

You can either make your own model at home or order with an artisan. If you want to venture into making a lipstick at home with EVA on the Internet you find great molds. Already deciding to order with an artisan will be a great way to contribute to the growth of small traders.

In order to be inspired, we separated some beautiful lipstick inspirations into EVA.

Lipstick: Small in EVA

Lipstick style: EVA wallet style

If you are in need of money for a special occasion like graduation or even to supplement income, a good option may be to learn how to make EVA lipstick for yourself to sell. It's a way to make money and help other women keep their lipsticks organized.

Lipstick holder: With EVA zipper

Lipstick: Red in EVA

Lipstick: Green in EVA

From Fabric

The fabric lipstick holder is a delicate and perfect model to carry in the bag. Some people do not know that this is an old model, but because it is so practical and useful, it has been maintained until today among the items of feminine utility.

One of the main advantages of investing in a fabric lipstick is the protection it brings to the lipstick, after all, nothing more sad than opening the bag to pick up the lipstick and realize that the lid left on account of the swing when walking.

Generally the fabric lipstick models have super feminine prints like pooh, flowers, owl and fashion trends like the famous chevron print.

To get inspired we've separated below some gorgeous options of fabric lipstick.

Lipstick holder: In flowery fabric

Lipstick: In blue fabric

Lipstick holder: In red and white fabric

Lipstick holder: In printed fabric

Lipstick: In Owl Fabric

Lipstick holder: In red fabric

Lipstick holder: In pink fabric

In the middle of the rush when we are away from home we often end up wasting time looking for objects that are inside the bag. In between things sometimes it is difficult to find the lipstick to give that basic touch. Thinking about it, we separated this cute model with mirror.

The lipstick holder with mirror is perfect for day-to-day living outside the home, as well as improving the organization of your handbag also eliminates the need to go to the bathroom to use the mirror.

There are models that fit from 1 to 3 lipsticks to choose the perfect option, just watch what else has to do with your routine. If you usually leave home early and only come back at night the model with 3 units may be a good option to give a look at the visual using a different color from the one used in the service to go to college for example.

Lipstick: In red and black fabric

Lipstick: In blue fabric

From Toothpaste Box

Making your own lipstick model is much simpler than you think. If you wish to make your own model at home the toothpaste box can be a great option.

Taking care of the environment is something that is increasingly important, so the importance of recycling. The cool thing about recycling is that in addition to creating incredible things through materials we know as "junk" we also have the opportunity to learn new things and still contribute to the preservation of nature.

We can not forget to remember that to learn how to make a fantastic lipstick with toothpaste box at home, we prepared a complete step by step at the end of the post.

To get inspired, we separate some pretty and super creative lipstick options.

Lipstick: With box of toothpaste

Lipstick: With box of toothpaste

Lipstick: With box of toothpaste

Lipstick: With box of toothpaste

Lipstick: With box of toothpaste

Lipstick: With box of toothpaste

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