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Vases For Garden: Models, Tips And + Of 90 Photos To Inspire

The choice of garden pots is something that seems simple at first. You buy one, then another, then you fit another one there... But when you see the result you have the feeling that it's not matching anything at all. So it is interesting to be able to create a harmony between your pots, whether for outside garden, winter indoors or vertical.

In this article we will show more of 90 models of garden pots which can complement the decor of your home with lots of charm and even relaxation.

They may be key piece to the end result you want for your garden, be sure to check out our tips and inspirations!


  • 1 Outdoor Garden Vases Models
    • 1.1 Clay / ceramic
    • 1.2 Concrete / concrete
    • 1.3 Wooden Cachepot
    • 1.4 Vessel lying down
    • 1.5 Broken glass
    • 1.6 Recycled Tire
    • 1.7 Other recycled materials
  • 2 Indoor Winter Garden Basin Models
    • 2.1 Vietnamese
    • 2.2 Glass
    • 2.3 Of wood
    • 2.4 Ceramic
  • 3 Vertical and Suspended Garden Vase Models
    • 3.1 Coconut fiber
    • 3.2 Of wood
    • 3.3 Of clay
    • 3.4 Box of the fair / pallet
    • 3.5 PET Bottle
    • 3.6 Tire hanging


Before checking out many environments with incredible pots, it is important to know that the item you choose should be ideally suited to accommodate a particular plant. Research the specimen to find out how much it is in its actual size - as it grows - and what is the need for space inside the vessel that it needs. In addition, there are plants that can not stay in very light vessels and need a more resistant object.

Another tip is merge small vessels with large vessels to give more personality to your garden. It is also worth following the conventional model, but innovate with vertical gardens in the same environment. Know that for these two types you will need to invest in different vessels.


Ah! Another valid thing to be said is that you do not have to shell out a lot of money to have a beautiful garden. There is much option in mind and they offer all the charm sought after, and even those that are recycled, meaning that you can re-use to become different and functional vases.

Let's show all this to you in the topics below, do not miss it!


Models of Outdoor Garden Vases

Outside gardens can count on all our creativity. We separate several models of vases to inspire you.

Clay / pottery

Clay pots are super traditional and never go out of style. They may have perfect features for a rustic setting or for a modern ambience. In the first case, prefer models that have a coarser finish (do not confuse with poor quality), with raw and frosted clay, without paint or shine.

For the second case, a more modernized garden, choose clay pots that have an interesting design, different, and yet have an impeccable finish. They can be large or small, you are the one who will determine.






Concrete / cement

Cement or concrete vases are easy to find and even home-made. They have advantages close to other models, as they are very resistant and withstand well the weather, such as excessive heat and humidity.

There are different models for you to bet on, all with a unique personality, since the concrete allows a unique creation in its design. This material is very fashionable when it comes to decoration, so you'll have a great choice.





Wooden cachet

One cute idea is to invest in wooden cachepot to accommodate plants and flowers in your garden. There are varied sizes that you can even use to play with the decoration of the external environment.

The cachepot may be raw wood, treated or even painted white or other colors. Some people can recreate this model with crates or pallets, saving you good money.





Lying glass

Using pots lying in the decoration of your outdoor garden can be a cool idea to leave you with more personality. This type of piece is ideal for rustic gardens, since they trace the way the pots were placed in European countries, such as Italy, and also in the farms and country houses.

The most popular models for lying down are the iron cauldrons, wooden, barrel type, and clay ones. But you can find several ways to decorate your garden with this vase style.





Broken vase

One fashion that has taken over the area of ​​creative landscaping is the reuse of broken pots. Yes, when a vessel breaks, no more need be thrown away, nor the pieces to be pasted together! You can create beautiful mini gardens within it.

The result of these vessels is so minimalist and incredible, it fills anyone's eyes. If you have an item like this at home, it's worth taking the time to make this kind of decoration. There are many ways to do this creation.





Recycled tire

Another type of reuse is made with tires. instead of leaving them thrown in the backyard or filling landfills and vacant lots, they can become irreverent pieces of garden decor. So you make your home more beautiful and still contribute to the environment!

There are many ways to adapt recycled tires to accommodate plants. You can use one in its conventional form, you can paint it, and even use creativity to turn it into differentiated pieces.





Other recycled materials

It is not just the tires that can be turned into pots for outside gardens. You can recycle any kind of recycled material for this purpose. Whether it is plastic, metal or wood items, you will ensure a new look to your home.

Even weirder models can give the garden a lot of style, you can bet. Jeans, for example, are transformed into pots for spices or other plants. Fabric or plastic boothes as well. Good, see interesting models:


Garden vases-jeans


vases-for-garden-watering can


Indoor Winter Garden Vase Models

Want to set up a winter garden inside your house or apartment? Check out the incredible pot models we have selected for you!


Vietnamese vases are the girls of the eyes of sophisticated winter gardens. They bring elegance and beauty to this environment with the glazed finish and differentiated colors. They transform the garden into a modern and stylish place.

They are special pieces that are very successful because they are 100% handcrafted and originated from a country with a lot of tradition in the production of vessels. They are made in molds and not in lathes like other ceramic vases. And the most interesting is that the coloring of the Vietnamese pots is not the result of paints, but of a natural composition of the clay with several minerals.

colorful vases-for-garden




Of glass

If you want a stylish vase, but do not draw so much attention, choose a glass model. They are perfect for winter gardens, because they decorate without invading the personality of the rest of the decoration of the house or office.

You find glass items of varying sizes, which can help in the accommodation of plants and flowers. They are the best choice for plants that do not need soil or do not need a lot of moisture, so they are more requested for decorative and non-functional purposes.






Wooden vases are always a great bet for being timeless and versatile. That is, they look beautiful in any type of garden, whether external or internal, and still combine with any style of decoration.

We have seen many models of demolition wood, which also work to help the environment. This type of vessel gives a rustic air, but can also participate in contemporary environments. Everything will depend on the finish he has.






Ceramic vases are also good choices for a winter garden because they are sophisticated and have a unique design. They resemble clay for its color, and look beautiful in a rustic-style setting.

But if you want to put them in a modernized decoration, no problems. The tip is to opt for models with a more elegant design, following accentuated geometric lines.





Vertical and Suspended Garden Vase Models

Vertical or suspended gardens are super fashionable. They are perfect for those who do not have much space at home, including apartments. See beautiful glass models!

Coconut fiber

Coconut fiber is used in the manufacture of pots used in gardening and as a substrate in orchid planting, completely replacing the xaxim, whose extraction is prohibited in Brazil. They have perfect characteristics for growing plants.

There are models created exactly for you to set up your vertical garden. They are produced on boards also made of coconut fiber or are sold separately, needing to be placed on a base.






Wooden vases for vertical gardens are incredible and elegant. They leave any garden more sophisticated and with sense of organization. There are wood panels that already come ready with the pots of the same material.

It is important that this wood is treated to receive moisture, intense sunlight and rain as well.





Of clay

Clay pots may also be present in hanging gardens. There are lots of creative ideas for you to invest. The idea is for you to attach these vases with firm hooks, wires or elastics on the panels, or create a kind of mobile to put them hanging on the ceiling.

Here are some tips on how to decorate with this type of vase:



Bucket of pallet

Pallets and crates have become great allies of the creative decoration. They can become the most varied pieces including brackets and panels for vertical gardens.

There are several ways to create this type of item, which is ideal for growing plants, flowers and spices. It is possible to combine pallets with crates to have an even more complete result. See tips:





From PET bottle

Anyone who likes to recycle will love this idea. PET bottles are great items to be transformed into vertical garden pots. They are super handy, can be cut and drilled without major problems, and therefore they become ideal to accommodate several species.

In addition, placing it on the wall or panels is very simple as they can be tied or glued. The idea is to make several pots of PET bottles the same to make up the environment.





Tire hanging

Once again the tires appear as an option for garden pots, this time suspended and upright. It is a chance to reuse material that is no longer useful in its conventional function, and give it another look.

You can paint it, draw on it, and hang on some tree, on the ceiling or nail it on the wall of your garden. They look gorgeous in a romantic, Provencal or rustic garden!





What did you think of our ideas about garden pots? Each one represents a different style, which can please different models of decoration and personal taste. Do not miss the chance to choose vases that complement your home with joy and beauty!

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