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Could A Lemon Tree And Ended Up Drying. What Should I Do?

Name: Vera L煤cia Moura
City: Niter贸i - RJ
Question: Can my lemon thaiti and it is drying and dying. What to do to save it? The leaves that have been left are yellowing.

Answer: Hello! All right? Thank you for contacting us.

About your question: It depends a lot on how the pruning of your lemon tree was carried out. In general prunings can not be greater than 50% of the tree antler (may vary), the main stem should not be pruned, and pruning should be done with clean and sharp cutting materials. It is also ideal that pruning or training, corrective and maintenance take place in winter, however in some cases pruning should be performed in other periods, especially when they present some disease.

In your case specifically, make sure you have not pruned with materials that were contaminated. Also check that you are not accumulating water in the roots, which may be rotting them. Make a fertilization rich in organic matter, water only when the soil is dry, and remove the leaves that are yellowish and the branches dry. If you have
(have some fruit) remove the fruit as well. Good luck and I hope I have helped.
F谩gner Henrique Heldt - Biologist.

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