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Glass Mosaic Coat Rack

Glass Mosaic Coat Rack

It is essential to have a good coat rack at home!

In the bedroom, it is used to hang pieces of clothing that we will use again;

At the entrance of the house it serves for purses, coats and keys;

And in the kitchen serves to hang dish cloths and hand towels.

And this one that we will do here, besides all this, will still help to beautify your little house! Come on?!


  • 1 piece of wood 25 × 30 cm;
  • White acrylic paint;
  • Soft brushes (flat end of pony hair);
  • Ruler;
  • Pen for overhead projector and permanent thin-tip pen;
  • Ballpoint pen;
  • Pencil;
  • Frosted acrylic lacquer;
  • White flexible grout;
  • Silicone and plastic spatulas;
  • Neutral silicone (if it is a tube, you will also need a silicone gun);
  • Small spatula to pass silicone (spatula 24 - dental instrument) or ice cream stick;
  • Small glass base for silicone backing;
  • 1 glass cutter;
  • Kerosene for the cutter;
  • Pliers;
  • Squares of brown of 0,5 x 1,0 cm;
  • Squares of gold of 0,5 x 1,0 cm;
  • Colored glasses for the bird: two shades of blue, amber light amber, medium amber yellow and caramel brown;
  • Golden glasses for medium cage locking and blue for background;
  • Alcohol or acetone;
  • Cloths;
  • Sewing carbon;
  • Scissors;
  • White glue;
  • 2 A4 sheets of parchment paper;
  • Decoupage paper;
  • Stiletto blade;
  • 5 small hook-shaped screws;
  • 2 heavy duty fasteners to hang the clothes rack;
  • 4 small screws for latches;
  • 4 small hanger hooks with bolts;
  • Small screwdriver;
  • Gloves and apron;
  • Protective goggles.

How to make

Putting the risk to wood

To get started, print out those parts of the risk.

Download Templates

Click here to download the download files to your computer (PDF)

Attach the two scratches with double-sided tape or tape.

Separate the wood of 25 × 30 cm. Mine is 15 mm thick.

Also separate the risk, the pen and the sewing carbon.

mosaic drawing

To pass the risk to the wood, place the wood on the table, the carbon above the wood facing down and the risk over carbon.

With your pen, copy all the strokes.

Wood base painting

mosaic drawing

After transferring the scratch to the wood, separate matte acrylic paint and a flat-tipped soft brush.

Spray one or two coats of paint over the scratch, so that it appears but does not disturb the mosaic.

Mosaic cut

mosaic coat rack

Separate the colored glasses.

For the bird I am using two shades of blue: a turquoise and a darker one.

Starting with the turquoise, copy the part to be cut in that shade to the glass, using a permanent marker with a fine point.

If you are using glass without transparency you will need to model the bird on paper, cut the parts and then model on the glass.

Cut the piece of glass we model.

Run the cutter, already with kerosene in its container and with the lid desrrosqueada, continuously by the glass, forwards or backwards, as you prefer, just do not go and return in the same place.

Exert medium pressure.

After scratching, position the pliers near the cut line and near the base of the glass, with the cut up, break down.

For a complete class on glass cutting check out our tutorials.

mosaic coat rack

Make sure that the cut is correct and make adjustments as necessary.

mosaic coat rack

Cut out all parts of turquoise in the same way.

mosaic coat rack

Then cut out the dark blue parts.

mosaic coat rack

Pattern and cut also the amber light yellow, bird's body and legs and amber yellow medium, bird's beak.

If you prefer, divide the body parts into more pieces for easier cutting.

Sanding the glass pieces on the grinder

mosaic emery hanger

For a better finish, I prefer to sand my pieces. For this I use a glass grinder.

To learn how to sand glass on the grinder, check out our class.

If your cut is good, and if you prefer, you can skip this step.

Mosaic bonding with silicone

mosaic coat rack

With the pieces that make up the bird sanded, let's paste!

Separate the neutral silicone, the dental spatula or ice cream scoop and the glass base used to support the silicone.

Fix the pieces in place to make them easier to glue and start gluing.

Pass a layer of silicone that covers the entire piece.

Put the piece in place and pinch it with your finger.

Glue all the pieces together.

Brown mosaic for bird details

mosaic coat rack

After gluing, separate a piece of caramel brown glass and shape the bird's eye and paws.

mosaic coat rack

Cut and paste in places.

The tiled cage

mosaic coat rack

For the cage, separate the squares of 0.5 x 1.0 cm gold glass, the piece of gold glass and a small piece of vegetable paper and a thin-tipped pen.

Copy the end of the cage onto the parchment paper.

Cut the mold from the cage lock and model on the golden glass with the pen for overhead projector.

I, as I only had pieces of small gold glass, had to divide. But if you have a piece that fits all the mold, copy it whole.

Cut the tailpiece from the cage as we learned earlier and glue in place.

mosaic coat rack

Let's start pasting the squares of the cage.

Start from the bottom of the cage.

mosaic coat rack

In the encounter with the bird's tail, mark the leftover glass with the fine point pen and cut, for a perfect finish.

Mark and cut all glass fittings. Cole.

mosaic coat rack

Cut the bottom end of the cage and glue.

Cut the square groove perpendicular to the bottom of the bottom and glue.

mosaic coat rack

And so on, forming the whole cage.

Mosaic tassels

mosaic coat rack

For the arabesques we will use squares of caramel brown 0.5 × 1.0 cm.

mosaic coat rack

Start pasting the arabesque squares around the edges of the rack.

Do not forget to leave the space of the seal with grout.

mosaic coat rack

Mark and cut the fittings of the glasses in the arabesque. Make all the arabesque.

Proceed in the same way on the other arabesques.

Let it dry to continue without ruining anything.

Drill the holes for the rack hooks

mosaic coat rack

Before modeling the bottom, make the holes where the hooks of the rack will go.

You can do this with a nail and hammer or with a drill. I prefer to use a micro grinding machine with a fine drill bit. Very easy.

Make the four holes, without reaching the back of the wood.

Template for mosaic drawing background

mosaic coat rack

Now let's model the background.

Separate the sheets of greaseproof paper, the thin-tipped pen and the scissors.

Copy to the parchment paper all the spaces of the background to be filled. Do not forget to leave the space of the holes and also the spaces for the grout spans. [divider]

mosaic coat rack

Divide the large pieces into smaller, to facilitate the cut, always counting on the gap of the grout. Model the whole background.

Cutting and modeling the background mosaic

mosaic coat rack

Separate the pieces of medium stained blue glass to the bottom. Also separate the cutting material.

Set the molds on the glass.

Copy each template with the overhead pen.

mosaic coat rack

Remember: Whenever you are working with glass plates, before cutting the shaped piece, separate a piece of the plate, avoiding waste.

mosaic coat rack

Cut out each piece of background we have modeled on the paper.

mosaic coat rack

Go modeling the paper on the glass, cutting it and putting it in place.

Collage of clothes rack bottom pieces

mosaic coat rack

After all bottom cut, glue the pieces together.

Pass a layer of silicone that covers each piece. [divider]

mosaic coat rack

Put the piece in place and finger-tighten the silicone to spread.

Stick the whole bottom. Let it dry well.

mosaic coat rack

After drying, remove the pen marks from the glass with a clean, dry cloth moistened with alcohol or acetone.

White grout for mosaic finish

Separate a small amount of white grout into a bowl. Also separate the silicone spatula and a spatula or spoon to mix the grout.

mosaic coat rack

Mix water to the grout. Make a doughy, homogenous dough.

Pass the grout through the mosaic. Pass the spatula from side to side, filling all of the holes with the grout.

mosaic coat rack

Remove excess grout with finger.

And also, with your finger, against the rack, pass the grout in the finish of the edges of the mosaic.

mosaic coat rack

With the help of a nail or some sharp object, clean the holes in the hooks of the rack. Allow the grout to dry for about four hours.

After drying, remove excess grout from the tile by wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

Decoupage ink and paper for finishing

mosaic coat rack

Let's finish the coat rack.

Separate the matte white acrylic paint and a flat brush with a soft brush.

Paint every side of the rack. Give two to three coats. Let it dry.

mosaic coat rack

Separate the paper to the back. Mine is decoupage napkin, but you can use any colored paper.

Separate white glue, a mixing container for the glue, and a soft-haired brush.

Mix a little water to the glue and pass this mixture on the wood.

mosaic coat rack

Load the paper as accurately as possible and set it with the brush and glue. Let it dry well.

After very dry, cut the scraps of paper with a new stiletto blade.

And finally, pass matte acrylic lacquer on the edges and paper. Spend two to three coats.

Attach the hooks and hooks of the clothes rack

mosaic coat rack

To finish, let's put the hardware.

Separate the hooks and latches, pen, screws and screwdriver. To stick, I use my Dremel.

Tuck in the locks, before putting them on, to make it easier to hang the rack.

mosaic coat rack

Mark the holes in the latches in place with the pen. Drill the holes.

You can also drill holes with a drill or hammer and nail.

Screw the latches into place.

mosaic coat rack

Turn and screw on the four hooks of the rack.

Make sure that each screw is securely attached to the wood, but do not overtighten the glass.

Ready! Our beautiful coat rack is ready to be placed on the wall of your home.

67 pq

And because of those super hooks that were bolted to the wood, it gets coats and bags, keys, towels...

Organization and beauty all at once!

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