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Corkscrew Reapping: Creative Ideas

Corkscrew Reapping: Creative Ideas

Corks can not be reused in their original function, which is to close bottles. Once removed from the bottleneck, go to the trash. But not if you want: it is possible to give a new destination to them, often saving on the use of other materials. Check out some irresistible ideas to follow.

Although in other countries there are NGOs that collect corks and use them for other recyclable purposes, here in Brazil, this is a function that is barely crawling. But it is possible to reuse them, preventing further clogging of landfills.

Corks Features

The corks are made of cork, material taken from bark of a tree called cork tree, very common in Portugal, for example. The cork is very light, impervious to liquids and air, thermal insulation and resistant to friction.
These attributes, of course, continue to exist when cork becomes cork.

When it comes to reusing corks, its cylindrical shape joins these characteristics to become very useful objects. If you need cut cork, boil it before.

The artificial corks, increasingly used, do not have all these characteristics.

Stoppers: to the Table, But of Another Way

corks place marking

Corks used need not go that far. They can still be useful at the table. You can use them as place markers. You can make a cut on its top, fit a little card with the name of the guest and place it on the plate.

In the absence of pot lids, add several corks, forming a circle.

Corks resting pans

You can glue them together to keep them in this format or you can wrap the circle around with a thick ribbon. Ready: the hot pan already has safe place to stay.

If you think the rest will be too high, cut the corks well in half and proceed as explained. Use the other halves too! So you will have two breaks. A smaller circle will make a good cookie.

At a party, cut the corks into slices, write a different number on each of them, thread a metallized wire near one of its edges and tie it to the stem of the cups.

Corks in the House Decoration

corks closes packets

At home, the corks unite utility and charm. You can use them whole as door handles and drawers, for example.

Skewered in long sticks, will serve to identify species of flowers and herbs in your garden or vegetable garden. Cut at the top, serve to close packages.

yellow corkscrew

However they are cut in half vertically that they have more potential.

With the help of hot glue, they can cover frame or mirror frames, in a very decorative effect.

But they can also cover a free area and be finished with a beautiful frame, forming a type of mural.

Photos and tickets can be stuck in the cork itself or in the spaces between them.

corks magnets

You can glue a magnet on the top half of a stopper and use it on a magnetic wall or the traditional refrigerator door.


Provide a rubberized perforated base for carpets and cover it with corks in half.

It will be perfect at the entrance of the house!

Already cut into rods can serve as a protector for furniture feet, such as sofas, tables and chairs.

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