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Rose Tree And Orange Trees Needing Attention!

Rose Tree and Orange Trees Needing Attention!

Today agronomist Miriam Stumpf questions the reader of Maria de Fatima about her rose bush and orange trees. Check it out here!

Miriam, good morning!

I have a potted rose that has worn a wear on the graft door and today, although it is sprouting normally, it shows half of the stalk of the graft. I do not want to lose the rosebush, but the problem is getting worse.
Can I pass a glue or a mass of cement without aggravating the problem?

Another information I want is about two orange trees. Last year I bought two orange groves, planted them in a pot, and with a little more than a year and a half they bloomed and fruited, yet all the fruits fell still very small. What do I do since I take care and apply fertilizer regularly?

Advance thanks,

Maria Fatima.

Roses About Grafts May Present Problems

The grafts can be affected by fungi or borers that attack the rosacea. Its control involves determination of the type of pathogen found and application of pesticides.

You will have to look for a professional in your city for this, but it may not be interesting from an economic point of view.

Possibly Orange Substrate is Out of Stock


Shallow containers may affect the development of seedlings that have deep roots.

Falling of fruits in citrus are caused by lack of adequate nutrition, water deficit, adverse climate at the time of beginning of fruiting, etc.

It is likely that the substrate where the seedlings are planted is depleted.

Try to place nutrients in the canopy projection, such as organic compound mixed to 100g natural rock phosphate or NPK formulation 4-14-8, about 100g / mol.

Do not forget to water before laying for the formation of moisture around the roots and subsequently for the nutrients to mix with the substrate.

I hope I have contributed to the improvement of your seedlings. Good week!