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With the scorpion sign we find the best companion for those who like detective games, research on the mysteries of life and for those who like to venture into the forces of the unconscious and the soul.

The Scorpio personality has a strong presence that seeks to be discreet.
His gaze crosses people, always seeking to see what lies behind appearances.

The personality of Scorpio

"The gift of the Purpose"


8th Sign of the Zodiac - 24 from October to 22 November

Principle: Passive
Tuesday: Tuesday
Element: Water, Fixed
Stone: Granada
Part of body: Genital organs and reproductive system
Metal: Iron
Season: Spring (Southern Hemisphere)
Color: Black and shades of red
Regent Planet: Mars and Pluto
Incense: Eucalyptus

General Behavior:

The purpose through transmutation.

As Descartes said: "Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed."
Well, it's up to Scorpio to see this eagle's eye catching what transmutes itself.
The purpose that lies in the primordial essence of life.

The Scorpio personality is the essence of the mystery, of that magnetic look that crosses you and undresses you to the soul.

Nothing is superficial with Scorpio.
In fact, the personality Scorpio despises anything next to the superfluous or stingy.

Legitimate Scorpio is that person hidden in a corner of the party that catches everyone's attention.
With discreet attitude and clothes, he does not move - he slips, he talks softly, and you do not know why he wants to hear everything he has to say.

The Scorpio often does not know why either - but he always deals with power.
The power of perception, the power of emotional intensity, material power, the power of the occult, and sometimes the power for the pleasure of power.

Leading to the Scorpio is almost a sign.
Perhaps his self-control posture that seems to shake him, the quiet and discreet behavior that conveys confidence and self-control - all little behaviors that end up dragging the Scorpio personality exactly where he does not want to be released: well there - in the midst of their own intensities and contradictions.

Nothing is banal with a Scorpio - this word is simply not in your vocabulary.
His life is very much lived through extremes: eight or eighty.

Like this. Preferably with a few words - it's more shocking.

By the way, if I really want to describe the Scorpio personality, it's best not to talk too much.
They do not admit invasions in their world.

The Sign of Scorpio and Friendship

It is much better to have a Scorpio friend than an enemy of the same sign.

They are good friends.
Always ready to help - they have an incredible ability to properly analyze the events of their life.

They are capable of defending you with nails and claws, in case some innocent unhappy play some joke about you that you do not like.

The sign of Scorpio is not of quantities - he seeks his friendships for mental empathy.
Much less, it is not flattery or constant presence.
He feels that this is not necessary - his bonds of friendship are based on mutual trust.

It is sometimes hard to convince them of reciprocity. Scorpio never trusts fully.
If the Scorpio is disappointed in friendship, he simply breaks up and if he can - he forgets his existence.

The Sign of Scorpio and Love

It may not seem like it, but the truth is that Scorpios are romantic and dreamy lovers.
They seek the soul mate.

The hard thing is to persuade a Scorpio to reveal the love they feel.
They come to opt for that Platonic love, distant, silent and sighing.

When they get involved, they give themselves over.
Capable of renunciations and sacrifices for the loved one.
They believe in eternal love, and for this very reason they are so captivating.

They like quiet and discreet people.

Scorpio has a great need for loyalty, hence the legendary reputation of jealousy.