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Hit The Choice! 5 Plans To Have At Home Or Office

Let's combine: a small plant is able to illuminate and bring color to the space that is decorated with no grace. One of the secrets to hitting the change of look is to select an option that matches the conditions of the enclosed environment that needs an "up". With that in mind, the Garden of Ideas separated a selection of five species to keep indoors.

5 floors to have indoors

1. Pau D'água (Dracaena fragrans)

Perfect for decorating offices or the living room of home, the Pau D'água does not need to be exposed to the sun daily and withstand the effects of air conditioning. It should be watered whenever the soil is dry.

2. Echeveria (Echeveria SP)

A juicy rose-bud. It has the capacity to store water inside its leaves and stems. Moisturize only once a week and avoid contact with the sun.

3. Mini Cactus (Mamillaria SP)

It should be stored indoors and with good artificial lighting. It can be watered whenever the soil is dry.

4. Raffia (Rhapis excelsa)

It adapts to all types of lighting and combines a lot with more closed environments. Their stems are similar to bamboos and should be watered frequently. It is worth adding this plant in your garden of oriental inspiration.

5. Begonia (Begonia elatior)

Beautiful and super-colored, the begonias need to be protected from sunlight and wind. Your watering should be done with care, since the leaves can not be humidified. Plant your seedlings in large pots and with a very fertile substrate.

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