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Small Room Sofa - 62 Perfect Models For Small Environments!

Planning and organizing the room includes thinking about a style of decoration and also the furniture. And among the furniture that can not be missing in the room, one of them is the sofa. And if the environment is small, it is necessary to consider a sofa to small room, so that the upholstery is harmonious in the composition of the environment.
To plan the environment with sofa to small room, we separate essential tips that will help in the decoration of the home, and we also separate inspiring models of sofas for small rooms.

templates and tips


  • 1 Small Room Sofa Photos and Models
    • 1.1 Planned
    • 1.2 In L
    • 1.3 Retractable
    • 1.4 From Pallet
    • 1.5 Modern
    • 1.6 Places
    • 1.7 Places

Sofa Photos and Models


Among the models of sofa for small room, one of the possibilities is the model planned and made-to-order.
For those who have little space and a small room, you can order a tailor made sofa model, so as to make the most of the space.
This type of sofa has the advantage of enjoying the room in the best way, but can have a higher cost since it is made especially for space.

room with colored wall

The room has a turquoise wall

One inspiration from couch to small room is this planned version in beige tone.
The sofa model is two-seater occupying one of the walls of the room, and the upholstery still has an extension that works as a support mobile conjugated to the sofa.

wood plush sofa

Another possibility for the sofa in small room is this model planned in L.
The planned sofa in small room was made with wooden base, so to create niches that still function as shelves conjugated to the sofa.
The wooden model accompanies the style of the room and brings cushions to make the upholstery more cozy.

planned small sofa

Colored cushions color the environment

One more planned version, this sofa model has a wooden base and cushions on the seat and backrest making the sofa more cozy.
The wood model is very compact and brings the detail of the wood extending through the wall and with supports for plant vases, which gives a more charming style to the room.

gray designed sofa

The planned model has gray cushions

planned corner sofa

The wood-based model is corner style

living room with beige sofa

The planned model was used in the center of the room

sofa planned model

The planned sofa has drawers in the base

In L

Among so many versions of sofa to small room, one of the variations is the model of sofa in L or corner.
This type of sofa has the advantage of having more seats in a single U-shaped upholstery.
The corner sofa is perfect to accompany perpendicular walls, but can also be used in a more central position in the room.

gray sofa in L

As inspiration for the corner sofa in the living room, one of the proposals is this decorative design, where the gray sofa was used in the predominantly gray-colored environment.
The advantage of repeating the same color at various points in the room is that the environment is predominantly one-color and this creates the idea of ​​a larger space.

white corner sofa

Another inspiration for the small room with L-shaped sofa, is this design that brings a white corner sofa.
The upholstery is small and perfect to accompany the perpendicular walls of the room.
In this case, the white sofa delivers much elegance to the design and does not weigh in the small environment. In addition, it still neutralizes the color palette with elements in blue.

gray corner sofa

The yellow coffee table gives color to the project.

Another proposal to bet on the use of the sofa in L for small room is this project that brings a small gray sofa in one of the corners of the room.
The gray sofa is in full harmony with the environment, which brings other elements in gray, keeping the color chart with a tone base.

modular sofa

Corner model is modular style

sofa with cushions

Colorful cushions decorate the sofa

sofa futon

The model is futon style

corner models


The retractable sofa is a more modern version of the living room sofas, and is perfect for TV rooms as it can be extended and cozier to relax.
Even in more compact versions of sofa to small room, the retractable sofa demands a little more space, since it is more extended when being extended.
The advantage of this sofa model is that it is very versatile and can be larger and more comfortable during the movie moment, and then become more compact when it is not extended.

room with puff

Puffs complement the living room seats

One of the inspirations for using retractable sofa in small room is this design, which brings the retractable sofa to 2 seater in the TV room.
In this design, the sofa was used leaning against the wall and can be extended to the space that is free between sofa and TV.

The project is a great inspiration for the apartment room, as it turns the TV room into an inviting and cozy environment.

small room with retractable sofa

Another inspiration for using retractable sofa in small room is this design that brings a TV room with 2 seater retractable sofa.
The light-colored upholstered model was used in the small living room and the space that sits free between sofa and TV is perfect for extending the retractable sofa.

room with retractable sofa

The cushions make the sofa more cozy

room with round rug

living room with black sofa

The black sofa has a modern style

small room with carpet

The carpet completes the space between sofa and TV

retractable sofa

De Palete

For those who like the idea of ​​creating a more rustic space and adhere to DIY-style furniture, one can draw inspiration from the ideas of using pallet sofa for small room composition.
The use of the pallet as a base for the upholstery is quite versatile and the sofa can be custom made for the size of the room.
In addition to being quite versatile in relation to the size of the upholstery, the use of pallets to make the sofa still has the advantage of allowing different styles to be followed for the upholstery.

living room with sofa

As inspiration from sofa from pallets to the living room, the proposal here brings a great model from sofa to small living room.
The 3-seat model is compact and has a pallet base with casters on the feet, which allows the upholstery to be easily moved.
To make the sofa more inviting, the bet was to use cushions on the seat and back, leaving the model quite comfortable.

pallet furniture

Another variation of the small pallet sofa is this model that brings a sofa in L.
The L-shaped pallet sofa has the structural base on pallets and lights between the wooden structure of the sofa, creating an indirect lighting for the environment.

In addition to the sofa for small room on pallets, the environment still brings other pallet furniture, as is the case of the coffee table.

rustic room

pallet sofa with caster

The pallet was painted turquoise

decoration with pallets

Pallet furniture decorates the environment

colorful pallet sofa

The pallets were painted blue

small rustic room

The pallet sofa sits against the wall


For those who do not dispense a modern design even a small room, one of the modern bases for decor can be the upholstery.
The modern sofa for small room can be of different styles, having modern design combined with a current color, which leaves the contemporary upholstery to compose the room.

modern small sofa

As inspiration to use a modern sofa in the small room, this design is the perfect inspiration!
The proposal brings the small sofa with straight lines and curves as the base of the living room seats, and in addition to the modern design, the model is still in gray color, very contemporary color for decoration.

The rest of the decoration also follows the more modern proposal, with a DIY style coffee table and a very stylish wall of paintings!

modular sofa

Another inspiration from couch to small room with modern style is this model marked by the design with straight lines and details in capitonê in the seat.
The gray sofa model is modular, and this is the advantage of this version, since it can be assembled from modules, leaving the padding of the appropriate size for the small room.
In the composition of the upholstery, in addition to the structure of the seats, the bet was to add a puff module, which functions as a chaise style extension for the upholstery.

living room with modern armchair

The sofa is designed with straight lines

living room with colorful sofa

The turquoise blue sofa is featured in the decor

wood sofa

The modern sofa has wooden base

modern small room

The wall of the TV has a wooden coating

modern sofa models

2 Places

Among the variations of models from sofa to small living room, one of the possibilities is the 2-seater sofa, which is usually smaller and more compact for small spaces.
The 2 seater sofa can follow different styles and this allows you to find a perfect model for the style of the room.
And to complement the living room seats, it's worth the idea of ​​using the sofa with armchairs or puffs.

seating for 2 people

One of the ideas for the 2 seater sofa the small room is this design, which brings a compact sofa composing the environment.
In the decorative proposal, the 2 seater sofa was used in the living room and has current and clean style.
To complement the seats, the room still has 2 armchairs, which create a more cozy atmosphere for the living room.

integrated tv room

And if the idea is to choose a modern model from sofa to small room, this proposal brings a great inspiration to the small room.
In design the 2 seater sofa has a modern style and was used in the composition of the TV room.
The color of the sofa combines with other elements of the environment, keeping the colors light as predominant of the environment.

Small Room Sofa - 62 Perfect Models for Small Environments!: room

Colorful cushions decorate the sofa

small modern room

The 2 seater sofa has a modern design

purple sofa decoration

The purple sofa leaves the modern ambience

small tv room

The clear sofa combines with the style of the room

2 seater sofa models

3 Places

For those looking for models of sofa from 3 seats to small room, the tip is to bet on models more compact and that are harmonious and consistent with the space available.
Among the variations of sofas from 3 seats to small rooms, it is worth betting on more classic models for living room and more modern models for TV rooms.
Among the models for TV room, the versions with chaise are perfect, because they leave the upholstery more cozy.

As an inspiration for using a 3-seat small living room sofa, the idea here brings a more compact and retro styled sofa.
The blue sofa has captain details on the backrest and feet-style toothpick, which give the retro detail to the upholstered and which ensures much style for the room.

sofa with chaise

Another inspiration for the 3-seat sofa to small room, is this model used in the TV room.
To make the upholstery more cozy for the TV environment, the idea was to choose a sofa model with chaise in one of the seats, which makes the seat quite inviting.

room with TV panel

narrow room

The room has niches on the wall

decorated room

3 seater sofa with chaise

The model has chaise

living room with sofa 3 places

The rug has geometric style

Now that you've seen how to include upholstered in the small space, it's time to take inspiration from the designs and bet on a harmonious decoration for the environment.

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