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Sofa With Chaise: 55 Models And Ideas On How To Use The Room!

At the time of decorating the room there are several items that are mandatory, and between them is the sofa. If you value comfort, nothing better than a sofa with chaise to compose the environment and guarantee the expected comfort, after all it is a delight to spread out by the extended seat and relax.

Tips on how to choose and use sofa with chaise

  • Carpet: A common mistake at the time of decorating a room using a chaise-long sofa is in the positioning and size of the rug. To keep the room proportionate and balanced, ideally the carpet fills the entire space where the chaise extends, but there is no need to go up to the feet on the back of the sofa.

living room

The pied de poule carpet is modern

tv room decoration

The wall of the TV has a 3D coating

double room with double bed

The wooden wall adds color and style to the environment

sofa with rug

  • TV Room: choosing the sofa model is not a simple task, and with an extra tip this endeavor can get easier. If you choose the model with chaise, it is ideal that the piece is destined to the TV room, after all it is in this environment that comfort should be predominant. And while it's not a rule that you can not use the model in the living room, it's not conventional for your guest to sneak across the chaise in a conversation.

modern decoration

On the floor, the blue carpet adds color to the decor

built-in curtain

The plaster ceiling has built-in cortineiro with illumination

home theater room decoration

Cushions in bronze color decorate the white sofa

decorated tv room

  • Center table: a classic doubt at the moment of using sofa with chaise in the decoration is related to the use or not of coffee table // If you choose the coffee table, the ideal is that the furniture does not touch the chaise and leave enough space for circulation.

colorful decoration

On the wall, colored frame matching the shades used in the decor

glass coffee table

The purple armchair adds color to the environment.

black wall

Instead of using coffee table, the bet was for the pair of puffs used in the central part of the environment

room with coffee table

Sofa with chaise in decoration

room with black wall

To decorate the room with black wall the choice was by the light gray sofa, which helps to illuminate the environment. In addition, the piece has even gained some support tables that facilitate the use for other tasks and dispense the coffee table in the environment, being ideal not to overload the small space.

small room decoration

The large glass door allows the integration of the internal and external environment

For this TV room, the bet was by the sofa model with the extension in one of the corners. The extended space left the room super cozy and was combined with a mix of elements of different styles, such as the rustic coffee table and the decorative drum, which refers to the industrial style.

modern decoration

The ceiling is finished with burnt cement

At brown decoration all the elements that compose this TV room are part of the color chart, varying with a little more or a little less intensity in the tones. To create more comfort in the environment, the choice was to use small puffs near the sofa to create extensions in other seats beyond the chaise.

striped carpet

If you have a small room and want to enjoy the space in a balanced way, a good strategy is to use the chaise corner sofa. The model follows the corner shape of the walls and offers several seats without becoming too big for the room. In this environment, there is still another trick to extend space - the use of striped carpet on the floor.

sofa pallet

On the wall, decoration with colorful comics

For those who need to choose a sofa model, but do not want to spend a lot, a great choice is the pallet sofa. Here the model was made with the reclaimed platforms and to ensure comfort were made cushions to be used both in the seat and in the back.

big room

Next to the window, net to enjoy the view

In the decoration of the modern television room, the bet was for a sofa with white and extensive chaise, which combines with the dimensions of the environment. In the room there is still the use of dark leather armchairs, which create an interesting counterpoint for the decoration, and in the central part modern coffee tables, which were positioned in the environment to guarantee the free circulation of the environment.

mirror wall

On the wall, floral wallpaper

If space is small like this environment, the idea is to resort to items and elements that fit the dimensions of the room and value space. To do this, the idea was to use the wall of mirrors on the sides and use furniture that is adequate size for space, such as the two-seater sofa and extra chaise, and a small coffee table.

living room wooden shelf

For those who want to guarantee a space with modern decoration, can be inspired by this project. Here the proposal was to include a gray sofa with modern design and full of colorful cushions that guarantee a feeling of warmth to the environment. To maintain the modern style of the environment, other elements such as the center coffee table and carpet maintain this idea of ​​contemporary design.

wooden wall deck

The wall with demolition wood gives rustic features to decor

The hint of using the chaise couch in the TV room is not a rule, and this living room that bets on the extended seating model shows that the piece can indeed be used in other environments. In space, the idea was to bring some of the retro decor with wooden elements in the furniture, and to the wall the demolition wood panel creates a rustic touch to the space, resulting in an interesting mix of decorative styles.

gray decoration

The rug has a modern geometric pattern

Gray has been the darling color of decorative designs and is not for less, since the color is the new beige of the decor, since it has neutral and modern tonality. And it was exactly in this modern idea that the proposal of decoration of this environment bet. Here the gray color appears in several points, including the sofa, and to give a touch of color a shade of yellow appears in detail of the decor, creating an interesting and contemporary highlight for the project.

round rug

Under the sideboard, puffs to add more seating in the environment

The small room is what characterizes this environment in which the elements used guarantee balance for the decor. In space the use of a sofa with compact chaise was the choice, and rather differentiating the traditional rectangular rug, the choice for the carpet of the room was a round model that shelters the entire extension of the upholstery and ensures a point of color for the environment.

striped rug

Another proposal for the small environment, is the decoration of the small room in the apartment. The style of the elements follow a modern proposal with current design, and the dimensions respect the size of the environment and guarantee to the space total balance, keeping the environment comfortable and super stylish.

More pictures

room with shelf

The wall is finished with exposed brick with dry seal

small sofa

Colored cushions make up the beige sofa

retractable sofa

On the ceiling, plaster molding

integrated room

The fine white fabric curtain allows light to enter the room

sofa with print

room decor

black sofa

Frames of different sizes decorate the wall

living room

On the wall, wood flooring

tv on the wall

The TV was installed on the wall

leather sofa

Striped Cushions Decorate Sofa

modern decorated room

small room with leather sofa

The shelf supports frames

room with wall mirror

The mirror strip on the wall helps extend the ambience

living room with fireplace

The metal mezzanine creates an industrial style decor

wall of burnt cement

beige rug

The wall has cementitious coating 3D

room with plaster molding

On the wall, frames with a golden frame

gray room

The shelf has a modern design

triangular coffee table

gray corner sofa

Light carpet helps brighten the environment

brown sofa

Blue cushions matched with same-colored carpet

white footer

The coffee table has a modern design

neutral sofa

modern home theater

glass coffee table

For coffee table, round shape and composition with glass

small apartment room

decoration raffia plant

In the corner, palm tree rafis to decorate the environment

table lamp

Captain's puff replaces use of coffee table

glass wall

wall decor

Pictures with family photos decorate the wall

plasterboard room plasterer

The curtain embedded in the plaster follows a modern trend

Now that you've learned to choose sofa with chaise and how to use it in the decoration, it's time to go shopping and surrender to the model with extended seat to make the room even more cozy and comfortable.

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