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Pool With Deck: 30 Tips, Ideas And Projects Must Do!

THE pool with deck is a common feature in the leisure area, after all the bathing area needs to have an environment, but the difference is the coating used for that space. Some materials may value or even devalue this space, so before closing the project to the external area, read this post.

How to choose the best deck for pool area

  • Durability

When choosing material, check the durability of the coating and whether it is suitable for the external area. After all, it is better to spend a bit more on construction, than to spend twice as much for deck replacement.

  • Non-slip

We are talking about an area that will get wet by being around the pool, and to avoid accidents it is imperative that the material is not slippery while wet or damp.

  • Suitable for wet area

When choosing the pool environment, prioritize parts and woods that are certified for wet areas, after all splashes and lots of water may fall into that area. In case of wood, opt for treated material.

  • Cost

Putting everything on the tip of the pencil is important, and it would not be any different in this case. Do not just value the low price, but also consider all the other indications that guarantee quality for the deck. Other important tip is to calculate the deck area and see which material offers the best value for money. For example, a wooden deck can have a very high cost for a wide area, so one possibility is to replace it with a higher version.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is something to consider, since it maintains the durability and elegance of the project. If you want lower costs post-installation, porcelain tiles are the best option, since wood requires treatments to maintain impermeability and beauty.

Pool with wooden deck

House with pool

The sofa with turquoise blue cushions combine with the green area

The house with pool valued the nature of the outdoor area and to complete the project, the choice was for the large wooden deck that integrates with the natural environment. Another nice detail of this space was to keep the tree in the middle of the platform.

stone wall

With a super charming yard, the townhouse has a leisure area that blends nature with rustic style. And to mark these two points, the green appears in the plants and the stones of the wall with the wooden platform without shine mark the rustic characteristics.

fiber pool

Bromeliads decorate the wall

In a smaller space, the treated wood fills the deck that extends into the area with chairs and table. Another detail is the wall which is also coated with the same material.

pool liner

With modern design, the design of the exterior area of ​​this townhouse has chosen a narrower and longer pool and for such reasons, the deck has a smaller area, leaving the cost of the installation cheaper.

decorated deck

The lighting in the coconut tree leaves the cozy atmosphere

The wooden base for the floor was not just for the pool surroundings, but also for creating a cozy area with sofas.

More pictures

pool models

modern sobrado

Glass doors integrate the inner to the outer space

decorated balcony

swimming pool with barbecue

The glass table guarantees a modern look

pool with wood

Pool with porcelain deck

pool with light

For those who do not give up a minimalist project, that deck light floor is the right choice. The clear shade of the coating extends throughout the outside area and leaves the result clean.

imitation wood floor

Flower pots decorate the outdoor area

In the outdoor area, a cheaper option is the floor that imitates wood. In this case, the tonality is clearer and visually similar, the texture of the noble material.

pool format

Once again the porcelain tile that simulates wood appears in the outdoor area and around the pool. However, before opting for the type of porcelain only by color and look, consider the finish that should not be slippery.

stone facade

On the lawn, coconut trees and banana trees create a green space

For the external area, the choice for a clear floor infinity pool and lawn garden that make up the outside scenery of the house.

modern sobrado

In this project the pool liner is the pellet, and to highlight the shades of green used inside the water, the bet was on the wooden porcelain deck.

More pictures

wood-based porcelain

small pool

The umbrella creates a space with shade

ceramic deck

house with yard

Glass doors create a clean look

swimming pool area

Swimming pool with deck and pergola / gazebo

country house

The light color in the painting leaves the cozy look

In order to create a cozy space by the pool, the implantation of a pergola with vines ensures shade and a comfortable environment to rest.

House for sale in The

In this design, the ceramic deck around the pool meets the wood floor covering, and in the corner a pergola with glass roof.

whirlpool in the yard

The washers on the wall create a warm illumination

In the outdoor area, the pool has a wooden deck and ceramic edges, and to complete the relaxing space, the wooden deck forms the pergola that houses a whirlpool.

canopy gazebo

Located in strategic point, the pool already guarantees a beautiful view to a wide lawn with lake and to increase the relax sensation, the implantation of gazebos next to the bathing area.

backyard decoration

In this project, the wood pergola has a blasted glass coating and stands over a pool area, creating a shade space in that area.

More pictures

pool with gazebo

The green wall increases the sense of well-being

Vietnamese vase

3D cement flooring

On the wall, washers illuminate the outside area

wooden pergola

pergolas and gazebos

With all the inspirations and pool with deck the difficult thing is to withstand a recreational area at home, especially now that summer is approaching.

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