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Grow Eggplants In Pots

It sounds like a lie, but you can grow eggplants in pots!
Although they naturally need plenty of room to grow, it is
possible to plant them in a container as long as it is large enough.
If you are a fan of this fruit, you should not miss the opportunity to
step-by-step guide on how to grow eggplants in pots. Write down and
then put it into practice!


- Eggplant seedlings
- Ceramic vessel with a minimum depth of 30 cm and suitable for the size of
- Watering can
- Expanded clay
- Organic Earth
- Shovel
- Scissors
- Plant identifier
- Sand
- Geotextile vessel with a minimum of 30 cm, according to the size of the molt
- Gloves
- Bidim Blanket

Check it step by step:

1º To prevent the hole in the bottom of the ceramic pot
clogged and the soil soaked, put a stone first in the hole in the
background of the vase. Then spread a layer of expanded clay.

2º On the clay, arrange the bidim blanket that serves to
soil nutrients in the pot, preventing them from
watering. In place of the blanket, you can use the sand, which plays the same

3º Fill the pot with earth, enough to bury the
clod containing the seedling.

4th Take the lump out of the pot with care,

5º Bury the clod in the soft soil of the pot.

6 Complete the pot with more earth.

7º Compacte the earth, but not too much, allowing the
irrigation water drains.

8º In this case as the change is great, key the driver made
bamboo, wood or other material. The rod serves to support the
of the vegetable.

9º So, tie with nylon thread or string the part of the
changes that need to be conducted.

10. After planting the eggplant seedlings, it is recommended
that a watering is done. The vase needs to be fertilized with
every 30 days, which can be started at the time of planting.

Another planting option is the geotextile blanket that has
execution. In this case, you put organic soil straight into the pot.
It does not need organic clay, nor does it need bidim blanket.

When the plant begins to bear fruit, you can harvest it and
use it on your favorite dishes. The advantage is to have a very fresh eggplant and
free from pesticides. Good luck at planting!

Source: Uol Women - Home and Decoration

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