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Keep The Diet At New Year'S Eve Parties

Keep the Diet at New Year's Eve Parties

End of the year, holidays, Christmas parties, New Year... everything is joy - but what about diet? Learn how to cope with temptations and keep your diet up to date.

Celebrating in the company, meeting in the house of friends, gifts, improvised snacks, food of the most different, snacks, drinks, loud parties...

Do not worry! You are not the only mortal who suffers at this time. Everyone knows that the end of the year is a special moment. And you can enjoy without exaggeration and with good sense to continue the year well and with great health.

How to Maintain Weight at Holiday Times

We must not forget that the issue is not just to maintain weight, but to maintain your overall health. Make some changes: from unhealthy foods to nutritious foods that bring a good quality of life.

Keep the Diet at New Year's Eve Parties: parties

Include vegetables, fruits and vegetables. The more colorful the dish, the healthier the meal. Bet on fruits for breakfast and intermediate snacks, or even on natural juices.
Always eat green leafy salad before the main meal at lunch, as this increases the feeling of satiety, and thus will make you eat less.

When you hit that fominha before bed, always prefer a lighter option, such as a fruit, a milk or a vitamin made with skim milk, fruit and sweetener preferably sucralose or stevia natural.
If possible include oat flakes together that will provide a restful sleep due to the tryptophan in the oats, thus improving the quality of sleep.

Do not spend more than 3 hours without eating, make three main meals and three snacks. This makes you eat several times a day in small amounts.

Hydrate yourself

Holiday diet

  • Maintaining Your Diet
  • Stuffed Sole
  • Lasagna Vegetable
  • Crunchy salad

Because it's summer, we can not forget to drink liquids, especially water. Natural fruit juices can also be used.

Remember that beer does not sadly quench thirst and brings with it dehydration. Do not be fooled, bet on the water - and if you drink alcohol intercalate with water, so the losses will be almost imperceptible.

Keeping the Diet During the Holidays: D Day

Sliced ​​chester

At supper, there must first be a consensus in the family to make supper healthier by avoiding overeating with fatty meats and caloric foods.

If the toast is part of the supper, opt for a light version, for example by changing sugar by sweetener, the condensed milk by the skim and baking it.
Abuse of cinnamon, so the magic of Christmas will continue on high and your food plan will not go down.

Following the tradition, we can not leave aside the meats that give the touch all special, one of the options are roasted fish watered with passion fruit sauce. Or even turkey, accompanied by peach in light syrup stuffed with farofa made from oats with raisins and celery.

Another option would be the lean pork loin with grilled pineapple, composing this gastronomy so typical that it is Christmas.

Green sign for fruits and dried fruits, vegetables mainly leaves and vegetables, taking care of the dried fruits that are more caloric. Spices in the last decades have been an integral part of suppers. Leave the prepared seasonings aside and wrap in lemon, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, ginger, pepper and saffron.

The so-called mayonnaise and chicken salpicão can be reformulated with lean white cheese and yogurt in place of mayonnaise.
Chicken salmon, a cold dish consumed at this time due to the summer heat, can be made with cottage cheese and natural skim yogurt.

Put it on the table just at supper time, to keep it cool and tasty.

Alcoholic Beverages Are Caloric

Always interchange with preferably water or juices with plenty of ice and sweetened with sweetener. Be alert with cocktails as they are prepared with sugar, condensed milk, liquor and alcohol, but you can bet on the light version, prepared with sweetener. Even so do not overdo it, as alcohol provides 7 calories per gram.

And Panetone ??

Holiday diet

  • Maintaining Your Diet
  • Stuffed Sole
  • Lasagna Vegetable
  • Crunchy salad

The tradition panetones in Christmas should be consumed in moderation even the diet and light versions.

Follow the food plan, and remember that supper is just one day, at the end of the party make a distribution of food between the family. And most importantly, keep your physical activity up to date, as this will make all the difference.

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