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Dry Twig Christmas Tree - 62 Inspirational Ideas & Tutorial Diy!

The holiday season is coming up and we start thinking of ways to decorate the house to get into the Christmas mood, and one of the possibilities for decorating is to make a dry twig christmas tree.

The dry twig christmas tree is a great bet to decorate the environment following a style of sustainable decoration, after all you can reuse materials from the environment to make a beautiful Christmas decoration.

And for those who want to follow this style of decoration, we gather step by step to learn how to make dry twig christmas tree and many beautiful inspirations to raze in the end of year decoration!

models and ideas


  • 1 Photos and Ideas of Dry Branch Christmas Tree
    • 1.1 Dry Twig Christmas Tree with Cotton
    • 1.2 With Christmas balls
    • 1.3 With Lights
  • 2 How to Make Dry Branch Christmas Tree: Step by Step

Photos and Ideas of Dry Branch Christmas Tree

Dry Twig Christmas Tree with Cotton

tree decorated with cotton

To make the dry twig christmas tree worth betting on creative ideas, one of those ideas is to mix the dry twigs with cotton, as if it were snow on the tree.

As an inspiration for the dry twig decorated with cotton, the idea here was to wrap the whole tree in cotton, as if the snow had on all the branches.

And to complete the themed decor of Christmas, mini colored balls and Christmas ornaments decorate the creative tree.

arrangement with cotton twigs

If the idea is to get away from the traditional and innovate in the decoration of Christmas, it is worth this idea to make the Christmas tree of dry branch with cotton twigs.

In the proposal, the cotton twigs were placed in a glass vase, and the twigs alone already bring a beautiful and delicate decoration because of the cotton swabs.

And to transform the twigs with cotton into a Christmas decoration, the idea was to add golden and silver Christmas balls between the branches.


The idea here brings a mini Christmas tree to decorate the centerpiece, and for that it was used small branches to form the creative Christmas tree.

In the proposal, the small branch was placed inside a metal bucket and the branches were covered with cotton, as if it were snow in the whole tree.

To complete the Christmas decor, the tabletop ornament won metallic stars hanging from the branches.

decorated tree

For the idea of ​​the Christmas tree of dry branch decorated with cotton, the proposal here brings a branch with branches and that was all covered of cotton.

The Christmas decoration is due to the Christmas balls and themed ornaments that decorate the mini Christmas tree with dry branches.

creative and simple tree

Lights pass between the branches with cotton

idea with cotton

Christmas decoration

The decoration brings red flowers

rustic christmas decoration

Metallic balls decorate the tree

dry tree decoration

Cotton balls decorate the dry branches

ideas with cotton

With Christmas balls

red and golden tree

There are many amazing ideas to make and decorate the dry twig christmas tree, and one of the possibilities is this proposal that brings the dry twigs decorated with Christmas balls.

The large branch with branches was fixed in a wicker basket and was decorated with polka dots and decorations in red and gold, which leave the branches all decorated.

To complete the decoration of the creative Christmas tree, the top of the tree brings a large golden bow rather than the traditional star.

wall tree with polka dots

Another creative idea for Christmas decoration is to make a tree wall, as this idea shows.

In inspiration, the dry twigs were used in different sizes to give the triangular shape of the wall tree.

And the themed decor was made with Christmas polka dots in several colors and sizes, leaving the tree colored and breaking a little of the rustic twigs appearance.

decoration of dry branches

Among the simple ideas to make a dry twig christmas tree, it is worth following this idea that brings several branches in a pot, so as to form a Christmas tree.

For Christmas decoration of the dry twigs, the colorful mini polka dots adorn the branches and give a more cheerful touch to the Christmas ornament.

tree top decoration

At the top, the silver star

For those who want a more advanced and beautiful design of dry twig christmas tree, you can bet on this idea of ​​riding a pine tree tree piling the branches.

In the proposal, the twigs were piled up and form the Christmas pine which twigs decorate with white and silver balls, which illuminate the Christmas decoration, and leave the rustic tree with a cleaner style.

ideas for decorating trees

golden christmas decoration

Golden polka dots grace the tree

how to decorate christmas

simple decoration

The bast lays the vase that supports the branches

christmas colored decoration

Colorful balls decorate the dry branches

home decor

The dried tree was used in the Christmas decoration

red christmas decoration

The tree was decorated with red balls

rustic decoration christmas table

The mini tree was used to decorate the center of the table


Each branch was placed in a wine bottle

colorful christmas tree

The branch was painted white

Christmas decoration

The decor is light blue and silver tone

decoration branches

Mini polka dots decorate the tree

soft christmas decoration

Polka dots in soft tones leave the delicate Christmas decoration

craft decoration

Handmade and colorful balls decorate the tree

decoration with polka dots

Blue polka dots decorate the branches

decoration with christmas balls

The balls made of purple string decorate the dry branches

ideas with christmas ball

With Lights

Branches with light

Among the many ideas for dry twig christmas tree, the proposal here was to make the tree handmade to decorate this corner of the room.

In the proposal, the dry branch with several branches was used in natura, that is, without painting; and so the little twigs were rolled up.

The result of the handmade Christmas tree is delicate and the little lights value the simple idea.

wall tree with lights

The tree bears a star on the tip

For those who want to make a modern decoration with dry branches, the idea here brings the Christmas tree wall, as a proposal.

For decoration, the idea was to use twigs of different sizes and to give the triangular shape and that resembles the Christmas pine.

The branches were joined together with a line of hooks and the little lights passed between all the branches, creating a cozy illumination for the Christmas tree.

The decoration still brings elements that refer to nature, such as pine cones and small animals, such as fox, deer and bears; completing the idea of ​​the sustainable tree.

aromatic tree

Another incredible proposal to make the dry twig christmas tree on the wall is this idea that brings an aromatic tree.

The proposal brings the base of the previous tree, where the branches form the triangular shape and are intertwined with Christmas lights.

And the difference is due to the decoration, which brings elements like dehydrated citrus fruits and cinnamon sticks, which exude a delicious smell in the environment.

white tree

And for those who want very creative ideas to create the tree with dry branches, you can use several branches to create a pine tree.

In the proposal, the white-painted branches were piled up in the pine style, and the decoration of the white Christmas tree brings pinecones, stars and Christmas lights.

Christmas decoration

The little lights pass along the branches

simple tree

The green garland passes between the dry branches

wall decor

Christmas balls decorate the wall tree

simple wall tree

The wall tree brings glimpses between the branches

mini christmas tree

The mini tree brings dry branches forming the cone-shaped tree

sustainable decoration

The decoration brings lights, balls and birds.

decorated model

christmas decoration with bows

Red ties with little lights decorate the tree

creative decoration

The little lights form the outline of the tree.

Dry Twig Christmas Tree - 62 Inspirational Ideas & Tutorial DIY!: tree

The lights leave the decor warm

ideas trees decorated with light

How to Make Dry Branch Christmas Tree: Step by Step

To create a beautiful decoration with dry twig christmas tree, one must learn how to make the item. And to help with this task, we've brought a simple and easy tutorial

how to do step by step


Worth putting lights to highlight the tree at night

  • Take a dry branch with branches and paint with white spray paint;
  • In pot put earth or sand and separate some large stones;
  • Position the painted twig inside the pot with earth and place the stones on top to better fix the twig and finish for the homemade Christmas tree;
  • To finish, hang Christmas ornaments by all the branches of the tree and that's it!

Now just enjoy the incredible inspirations and make the themed decor!

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