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Murano Vase - Meet The Technique & 47 Incredibly Beautiful Parts!

The murano vase is a decorative item that brings refinement to the decoration of any environment, and therefore the piece of different colors ends up being a darling when it comes to giving a more sophisticated touch to the decor.

And for those who have doubts about what it is, and how to use this item in the decoration, we gather tips and inspirations to bet on this piece that makes a total difference in the decor.



  • 1 What is Murano Glass?
  • 2 How much does it cost? #price
  • 3 Murano Glass Photos and Models
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    • 3.3 White
    • 3.4 Purple / Lilac
    • 3.5 Red
    • 3.6 Amber / Yellow
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    • 3.8 Brown / Beige

What is Murano Glass?

The art of crystals and glass muranos, originates in an archipelago of Italy of the same name and its history refers to the end of the years of 1200.

In the archipelago of Murano, near Venice, artisans worked crystals and glasses manually with technique of heating, blowing and then molding the pieces, creating unique and beautiful pieces.

For a long time murano glass art was restricted to only this region of Italy, but over the years the art of murano glass spread throughout the world, and arrived in Brazil around the year 1958 through Italian immigrants.

The technique involves heating the glass to an average temperature of 1250° C, and then the artisan uses the blowing technique and sculpting the still hot glass to give the desired shape the piece.

This very artisanal technique is what characterizes the pieces, which are unique because they are produced one by one by artisans.

How much? #price

With all its grandeur in decoration, the murano vase can be priced a bit salty, since it is necessary to consider that the piece is the result of a craftsmanship.

For those who do not want to spend a lot, you can choose for a smaller model and glass, which costs on average $ 125.00 in stores as Submarino.

For those who do not give up the elegance of the crystal, it is necessary to separate a bigger budget, since a model of murano crystal of small size can cost around $ 486.00, in stores like Americanas.

Murano Glass Photos and Templates


dark blue vase

To use a beautiful murano vase as part of the decoration, the proposal here brings a large model in royal blue, intense color and that stands out on the marble countertop.

In the proposal, the vase is the center of the table decoration, and brings natural flowers in shades of rose, which contrast with the color of the vase and create a prominent effect as a centerpiece.

how to use blue vase decoration

Another proposal to use blue vase in the decoration, is this idea that brings a set of murano vases in different shades of blue.

This idea of ​​assembling different models of murano vase is a great bet to create a highlight corner and sophistication to the environment.

In the idea, the pots were used on the side table and besides the gradient of tones, they still mix different sizes and with bouquets of white flowers and foliage.

side table decoration

The blue vase with foliage was used on the side table

blue glass vase

White flowers stand out in the blue vase

blue vase models


decoration coffee table

If the idea is to bet on a more sober model, the black murano vase is a great choice, because it has a neutral tone and is perfect for composing classic decorations, such as a black and white decorative mix, as is the case in this room.

In the decorative proposal, the pair of black vases were used on the coffee table and complete the idea of ​​the decoration in black and white with sophisticated pieces for decoration.

smoking room decoration

If the idea is not to dare much with a black vase in the decoration, it is worth using a smoked model, as this idea shows.

The proposal brings a less intense model in color, and in this case is perfect to be used at the table with classic pieces without weighing in the decoration.

Besides the less intense coloration, the vase still has white roses that soften the color of the piece.

how to use pair of pots

The pair of pots was used on the sideboard

decoration black vase


lamp lamp

To use white vase decoration, the idea here brings a murano vase as decorative proposal for the side table in the room.

At the idea, the dark wooden table brings the white vase with roses contrasting with the dark base and illuminating this corner of the room.

In addition to the vase, the coffee table also features murano base lamps, which creates a harmony for the same style pieces.

decoration white vase

The mini vase was propped up on a book

If the idea is to make a mix of murano pieces in the decoration, one of the options is to use a white vase to harmonize with the other colors, as this idea shows.

At the table, decorative objects in blue murano are predominant and the mini white vase appears as a delicate piece to match the collection of muranos and soften the predominance of a single color.

Murano Vase - Meet the Technique & 47 Incredibly Beautiful Parts!: technique

Orange flowers stand out in white vases

how to use white vase

Purple lilac

how to decorate coffee table

The decoration of the coffee table can also count on Murano glass vase, as shown by this idea that brings two mini vases in the composition of the coffee table.

In inspiration, the purple-toned vases were perfect bets to stand out among the light colors and are dots of color on the coffee table.

Since the vases are smaller versions, the idea was to complement the ornament with mini flowers, keeping the delicate idea of ​​the pieces.

lilac vase

Another idea to use murano style vases in the decor is this proposal that brings a combination with two different size vases.

In decor, the large and small vase appear side by side, where one complements the other and they are in total harmony for being in the same shade of purple.

The pieces were used on the marble countertop and reflected in the mirror in the background, giving more prominence to the handmade pieces.

table decorated with flowers

Purple vases appear as the basis for arrangement with orange and purple flowers

purple vase

In the proposal, the idea was to use a trio of pots


gradient vessel

If the idea is to use a murano vase model that stands out among the decorations, the hot color versions like red are perfect.

And one of the ideas for using red vase in the decoration, it is this proposal that brings a gradient model on the sideboard of the room.

The red gradient vase appears amid other pieces of murano crystal and in cool tones, like blue, which maintains the harmony between the styles, but in a mix of colors interesting for the room.

red vase with golden

Another idea to use red decorative vases is this proposal that brings a pair of vases on a sideboard with mirror behind.

The red vases with golden details look elegant on the wooden furniture, and the reflection of the pieces in the mirror add value to the decoration.

decoration with red vase

The red vase was used on the mirrored table

models of red pots

Amber / Yellow

glass amber decoration

A classic and very functional color option in the decoration is the amber, which resembles a tone between yellow and brown, and which appears quite as a choice of murano vase.

To use amber-tone amber, this decorative proposal brings a mix of pieces in the same tone, where small models appear composing part of the coffee table.

vase with flower arrangement

Another inspiration to use a large model of murano crystal vase, is this proposal that brings the vase as an option and central arrangement.

In the proposal, the amber vase appears as a highlight with an array of white and yellowish-white flowers, keeping tones harmonious with the color of the vase.

decoration with succulents

The vase was used with bouquets of succulents

natural flower arrangement

The vase was used with white and yellow flowers


pink decoration vase

Among the color options for the vase murano, one of the possibilities is to bring color to the environment with a mix of pink pots, as shown by this inspiration.

At the idea, the decoration brings a mix of two vases, one large and one medium sized.

The pieces in murano are in two shades of light pink and pink, and both are completed keeping the same color chart, but with different intensities.

coffee table with flower arrangement

Another inspiration to use pink vase in the decoration, is this idea that brings pots in soft shades of pink.

The pink crystal vases were used on the coffee table and bring flowers in shades of pink, matching with the vases and maintaining harmony between the decor.

arrangement with orchids

White orchids were used in the pink vase

pink decoration vase

Yellow flowers stand out in pink vase

Brown / Beige

dining table arrangement

For those who want to follow a line with more classic colors, you can bet on the earthy tones, as shown with this option with vases on the dining table.

In the proposal, the trio of pots of the same style brings variations between shades of brown and beige, and combine with the idea of ​​the wooden table.

The choice of smaller size vases is perfect so as not to disturb the conversation during the meal, as the vases and flowers are below eye level.

brown vase decoration

The brown murano vase decoration can also be a bet for the coffee table, as this idea shows.

In inspiration, the small vase was used next to a decorative piece also in brown murano; and both pieces were supported on a book of earthy tones, maintaining the harmony between all the decoration of the coffee table.

arrangement with natural flowers

Pink flowers stand out in brown vase

arrangement with foliage

Green foliage was used in the brown pot

hydrangea arrangement

The large brown vase was decorated with hydrangeas

So what's your favorite color and model? Tell us in the comments that you like and use this piece as part of the decoration.

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