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High Pressure Washer: Advantages

High Pressure Washer: Advantages

Doing the heavy cleaning of the house is always a delayed task because of the time it takes to leave those forgotten parts clean, such as tiles, tiles and gutters.

Acquiring a high-pressure washer to aid in these times of heavier and more time-consuming cleaning is an investment that should be taken into consideration to facilitate domestic life.

In addition to saving water compared to conventional hoses, a high-pressure washer sanitizes faster and with less effort.

You can replace a number of traditional cleanings with the high-pressure washer: cleaning grouts from bathroom tiles, kitchen, car washing, cleaning the tires and cleaning the roofs and gutters of the residence.

It can even be used to cleaning of porcelain floors, including hot water and neutral or alcohol-based soap.

But how to choose the best equipment for your needs? There are several types of high pressure washers, some more suitable for domestic use, others for professional cleaning.

Choosing the Best High Pressure Washer

In order for you to get the best product that matches your needs it is important to first know what they are.

PSI (Pounds Per Square) is one of the main features of washing machines and defines the force of the pressure with which the equipment will clean the objects.

LPM (Liters per Minute) is another characteristic that concerns the speed of water flow.

High Pressure Washer for Domestic Use

high pressure washer

In a household washer, the PSI does not have to be as large, since the difficulty of cleaning is less.

A good washer that will be used at home does not need your Pounds Per Square pass from 2,600. LPM does not have to be higher than 10 for less frequent and faster uses.

Always check out the product features before purchasing it to make sure it is the most appropriate with regard to PSI level.

If the chosen cleaning mode requires mobility, the wheels in the washer are an indispensable item. Varied pressure nozzle options are also a feature to be taken into account when choosing.

An electric powered high pressure washer is perfect for sporadic household use, especially if cleaning does not take long.

High Pressure Washer for Professional or Industrial Use

The most powerful high-pressure washers can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, heavy outdoor cleaning may not always be possible with less powerful washing machines for home use.

high pressure washer

So if you need to perform the hygiene of outdoor environments more often choose to purchase a more powerful high-pressure washer and a jet of higher pressure to spend less water, energy and time.

When the high-pressure washer is intended for heavier, industrial and professional cleaners, the features that make it suitable for the task are much different than for domestic uses.

The PSI level of a washer for professional cleaning must be at least 3,000. Your LPM can not be less than 15.

Observing these characteristics when purchasing the product will ensure that it will last longer, in addition to reducing cleaning time and water consumption - which tend to be higher in professional cleaning.

A gasoline engine instead of an electric powered is a good option because it is more powerful, but only if you need to work outdoors because of the release of carbon monoxide.

Choosing a device that has a hot water jet is only necessary if you need to perform deeper cleaning, such as removing spray from the walls.

Using Your High Pressure Washer

high pressure washer

Before choosing the ideal washing machine for your needs, it is important to be aware of some specifications.

Although the household washer is used to clean several surfaces, ranging from walls of various materials (concrete, bricks and cement), as well as roofs, wood floors, cement and stones, some more sensitive objects should not be sanitized.

That's because they can not stand the water pressure.

Cleaning the car is also allowed, as are the grouts of the tiles, so difficult to clean without the help of one of these.

It is not advisable to sanitize more fragile walls, windows and glass doors, and objects made of too soft materials using a high pressure washer, even one in which the jet is of lesser pressure.

Water pressure is usually sufficient to clean all surfaces, but when using detergent is necessary, you should check that your washer has a container that holds the detergent in order to use it.

Also use the right low pressure nozzle to do this cleaning with the detergent.

If you want to use some type of soap or detergent, make sure your model has this item before you buy. Placing the detergent on the surface and then using the washer jet is also an option.

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